Android TV Apps

7 Must have Android TV Apps You Need to Install in 2021

Over the past few years, streaming services have become the top way to watch television. With an Android TV box, those streaming services can be tapped into and used within a matter of seconds.

Every company now has an app that can be downloaded to enjoy your favorite shows and films.

From Netflix to Amazon, steaming services can be found for almost every large business. Even HBO has its streaming service in the works.

Android TV Apps

If you have an Android TV box, the opportunity to watch hundreds of different shows and movies are suddenly right in front of you.

It can be difficult to know which services are the best ones to have downloaded on your device.

Which apps are the best ones to use?

What app is going to be the one that provides you with the biggest benefits for your television?

Here is a list of 7 Android TV Apps that you shouldn’t hesitate to download first.


The original that began it all! Netflix was the streaming service that started the decade off. Netflix was the service to pioneer streaming. They took their disk mailing system and turned it into an online archive.

Now, Netflix leads the way with many original shows such as Stranger Things and Orange Is The New Black.

They even have original films that are added every month. From original films to those that you grew up with fond memories of, Netflix has the rights to thousands of films for you to choose to watch.

For roughly $12 per month, depending on your package, you can subscribe to Netflix and have hundreds of movies right with the click of your remote.

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Looking for a great app that you need? Tivimate is that free app that will do wonders for your Android box. If you’ve been looking for a television media player that will give you full access to live TV and dozens of movies and tv shows, Tivimate is the right app for you.

7 Must have Android TV Apps You Need to Install in 2021 1
7 Must have Android TV Apps You Need to Install in 2021 10

With an easy interface that gives you a full look at the television guide, you will have full access to internet television channels.

Tivimate makes searching through channels easies than you might expect. With a real-time look at what is on and what you should be tuning into, your streaming service could only benefit.

Need to access your IPTV services? Well, Tivimate can make that an easy task. It comes recommended for IPTV users: here.


Disney+ is the most recent of the streaming services and also one of the already most successful. With most of the films you grew up with, Disney+ has something for the whole family.

With original content spanning from Star Wars to Marvel shows, Disney seems to have content for years to come.

Disney+ is one of the less expensive streaming services. For about $7 per month, Disney+ makes the perfect addition to Android TV. Get ready to revisit the classics such as Disney’s renascence films.


We worry so much about our computers catching viruses that it hardly ever catches our minds that the rest of our electronics could be at risk too.

If you’re one of those people who have considered the fact that your other electronics could also be infected, BitDefender is a must-have app.

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BitDefender is an anti-virus app that will scan your electronics to make sure they stay protected from all possible infections.

There is a free version available, but for $50 a month, 10 of your devices could be covered by BitDefender protection. Skip out on having to worry about the information stored in your devices with a single app that could save all your devices from harm.

Protecting your television and Android box is suddenly just as important as protecting your computer. With all of the applications out there looking for your information and holding your passwords, you can see why it should be a no brainer.

Amazon Prime Video

Did you know that that Amazon subscription you have even comes with a streaming service? Many individuals don’t know! With that Amazon subscription service comes a host of television shows and movies.

7 Must have Android TV Apps You Need to Install in 2021 3
7 Must have Android TV Apps You Need to Install in 2021 11

You can stream things like The Boys, a completely original Prime show, with your membership.

Amazon Prime Video comes with your Amazon Prime subscription. If you do not have a Prime subscription, Amazon is $100 for the year or about $13 per month. For all the original content, licensed films, and free shipping that comes along with your membership, this is a beneficial deal.

Join Prime Video Channels Free Trial7 Must have Android TV Apps You Need to Install in 2021 5

Steam Link

A gamer who loves to see things on a bigger screen? Steam Link has made that a possible option. Android TV and Steam have partnered to bring your favorite games to a bigger screen.

Take all those games that you’ve played on the computer and turn the television screen into the best entertainment area around.

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Steam Link is free of charge, and as long as you sign in will hold all the content that you already have in your account.

Android TV and Steam Link are also compatible with many different game controllers for your enjoyment

Google Chrome

Yes, like the browser on the computer. Google Chrome is a needed application for anyone who searches the internet. One of the best internet browsers will enable you to do any of that searching that you would do on your phone or computer right from your television.

If you are logged into your Google account from any other device, this app will allow you to pick up right where you left off.

Load youtube for your favorite music videos and vlogs or even check your email. The Google Chrome app will be a valuable application for any of your browsing needs.

These are just 7 of the applications available for your Android TV box. There are many different versions and means out there to steam television and movies, or even to browse the internet. These applications, however, are the ones that are used most often.

Things such as Tivimate are used to make your television streaming and browsing easier.

Don’t spend another night without anything on television. Instead, look into your subscription services and find the show or movie that will provide you with the most entertainment, the options are almost unlimited now.

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