Android vs iOS: Which Platform to Build Your App for First?

When it comes to choosing between Android and iOS App Development, there are a few specific things that you should take accounted for.

This will help you to make the right choice that will serve your purposes and needs and at the same time gain the maximum ROI from your marketing as well as the development of an application for your business.

Android vs iOS: Which Platform to Build Your App for First? 1
Android vs iOS: Which Platform to Build Your App for First? 4

However, choosing the best platform to resolve the core business problems seems to be the most significant problem. This is because you will need to know and consider the pros and cons of each of these platforms in detail.

  • You need to start with planning for the technical requirements
  • You will also need to analyze and evaluate several other factors
  • You will need to cut down the risks involved in putting your hard-earned money and all your efforts at stake.

This is an important aspect to consider because each business has different requirements. Therefore, it will be unwise to think that there is a particular app development platform that will fit all.  

In order to make the best decision, it is important that you dig deep into all these factors in detail and understand the features as well as the limitations of each thoroughly.

Google Play Store or the Apple App store

The global market share of iOS and Android owes to about 97% which is why developing an app on either of these two platforms has become an ideal approach and need for businesses in order to promote their products and services as well as enhance their prospective leads just as sites like do.

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There are several small companies that use an in-house app development team just to cut down the cost of app-building but you will also enjoy the same benefits when you contract an app-development company.

They will help you to develop an app under a limited budget and well within the predetermined time.

Now the question is whether you should go with the Google Play store or the Apple App Store.

This is not easy to decide and most business owners think it is better to simply develop an app on both these platforms.

Even if your budget permits, it is never recommended to develop an app on both platforms at the same time. there are several reasons t it such as:

  • It can result in budget draining when you develop an app on both platforms. This is because you will need to hire an iOS app developer as well as an Android-app development team at the same time. This can add up to a considerable sum of money.
  • It is also very risky to develop an app on two platforms because you will never know whether or not your app will be a big hit for your users or turn out to be a complete flop show. Therefore, it is wise and productive to test your app in one specific app market first.

Therefore, it is important to choose a particular platform first. However, before choosing a particular platform, it is suggested that you take a few facts and some stats into consideration.

This will help you to analyze the market.

A few statistical facts

According to the research report of Statista, it is found that the number of mobile phone users is predicted to cross the 5 billion mark by 2019 and every user seems to have a personal preference for the platform to use.

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The research conducted for a period from 2018 and 2019 showed that:

  • The Android market reached a staggering 74.45%
  • The iOS market could only manage to capture 22.85% of it
  • The Windows users amounted to 0.3%
  • The Samsung users accounted for 0.28% and
  • Only 0.41% were found to be using unknown platforms

When you consider these facts and figures of the current market, you can see that it is Android and iOS platforms that are dominating the market of mobile Operating Systems across the globe, wherein Android is found to be the clear leader.

Factors to consider

On the other hand, Apple is supposed to be the most reputed company that is reigning all over the world today, Android is the most widely used mobile operating system since its introduction in 2008.

However, there seems to be no end in the discussion and the debate within different companies as to which platform is the best for them to use.

Therefore, in order to get the most out of your marketing campaigns, you should know which mobile OS will help you to reach your target audience more easily and effectively by using your social media app.

You are also required to compare the various factors of both the platforms so that you can easily find out which is a better platform when it comes to developing an app for your business.

These specific factors include:

  • The highlights to include in your content
  • The market share of each of these two platforms
  • The audience each can reach out to along with their demographics
  • The monetization factors of the application
  • The complexities involved in the development process of the app, such as using an Android log viewer
  • The specific timeline for app development
  • The cost of such development cost and most importantly
  • The factors that will influence the final decision.
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When you consider all these factors you will be able to make the best decisions.

To sum up

if you analyze the market of both, you will see that Android came up to the fore from way behind of iOS when it initially started but now this is the biggest and most popular platform.

Apart from considering these demographic attributes, you must also, understand that it is best to go for Android if you really want to reach out to a larger audience on the globe comprising both higher and lower-income people.

However, when it comes to the monetization factor, Android users will be less likely to pay for an app as compared to the iOS users.

All these indicate that Android will be a big platform in 2019 and therefore the best one to choose between Android and iOS development.

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