Best Photo Editing Apps for Mac

15 Best Photo Editing Apps for Mac [Free & Paid]

In recent times, there has been a boom in the software market. Software for all applications developed almost every day in different parts of the world. The image editing software is also present in the list.

There are many applications on platforms such as Windows, iOS, etc. Now the question that races through the mind.

If you are a photographer/videographer using Apple products such as Mac, what are the various options available for you?

To help you select the Best Photo Editing Apps for Mac, here is the list of 15 apps of them to choose one of them.

The best part is that most of these apps are they are affordable. So you can start looking out for the one that suits your needs with no second thought.

1. Photos

This application has replaced the old iPhoto with more options than the former one. Along, with the iCloud Photo Library, Photos can keep all the high-resolution images and videos in the cloud. You can access this from a different OS X and iOS device rather than your own. Photos are a lot of fasts and are more efficient than iPhoto.

The only drawback of this software is the absence of the plugin or extension. The Clipping Path Service Provider and many other experts in this field do highly recommend this software. The ratings it got on the Apple Store amongst all the photo editing apps available confirms it.

2. Movavi Photo Editor

It is a full-featured photo editing tool for both beginners and professionals. It has some fantastic content built on that can offer high-quality images.

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It can Perform photo restoration, portrait retouching, and many more. It also has tools for white balance, color correction, etc.

3. Lightroom

The very next best photo editing software in line is the Lightroom by Adobe Photoshop. It can do anything you wish to do with the photos.

It is an application highly recommended by qualified Photoshop Experts. You can use the app to blend, merge, shadow, add the highlight, make the images explicit.

This photo editing software allows users to add details and tint of colors. It makes the picture look outstanding; you can use a free trial for 30 Days. Then there is a monthly fee that you will need to pay to use the application.

4. Tweak Photos

This app can change thousands of photos within a few clicks. It has a modern and easy-to-use interface. It allows users to select effects and apply to an entire lot of photos, rename/convert them with ease.

5. Photoshop Elements 13

It’s for users who want the Aperture or Lightroom style results in a few clicks. This program is easy to make photo remixes/mashups, help pick up the best composition, and many more.

Another unique feature of this app is the profile and cover photo creation option. You then use this Photo in different social media apps.

6. Pixelmator 3.3

It is termed as a replicate of Photoshop. This app gives an ideal platform that allows working on many layers for easy editing.

It offers two versions of the software.

In the Standard version, the user can do necessary edits to the Photo and offers only a limited range of editing tools.

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Unlike the Standard version, the Pro Version has extra brushes, photo effects, and other tools. This app provides the ultimate photo editing experience.

7. Snapheal 2.5

This app works more towards restoration and retouching. Also, it has a simple UI interface that can remove unwanted objects. It includes magic, highlights in the dark, etc.

An upgrade available for either with 40 USD or 20 USD, this app can also run as a plugin in Photoshop or Lightroom. It adds to improved image editing, Blur brush with selective masking.

8. DxO Optics Pro

This software aims to study the pictures. Correct the orientations, fix the balance and exposure, change the calibration. All this to enhance the image. Select the Photo. Click the “magic” button in the app to see the required changes in color and quality.

9. Tiffen Dx4

This application replicates the look of over 2000 glass filters. It also provides 134 digital equivalents and more presets that is available to use. Can also add the following such as

borders, cartoon and colorize gradient options, curves, and selective detail adjustments. It also can add various film effects to make it much more attractive. It also provides a plugin for different software such as PhotoShop Elements, Lightroom, Aperture for a price of more than $140.

10. Analog Filter Lab

Available in Mac for $10, this is a tool that can add borders and effects that makes the images look like you shot them using a film camera.

11. Sketch

It gives absolute control over the contrast and brightness. All this apart from the range of presets available. It Converts the shots into convincing pencil and charcoal drawing. All this with realistic imperfection and scribbled edges.

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12. Hydra Express 3

This software fuses pictures with different exposures for more tone range that gives finer details and a good impact.

13. Photoscape X

Improve, Color Picker, and many more. This app is useful to get rid of blemishes, moles, red-eye correction, and many more.

14. Affinity

This image editing software does have a lot of professional editing tools, filters. The plus point of the application is that it has a Before & After view. We can use this to compare the original picture with the edited one.

15. CameraBag Photo

CameraBag Photo is a lightweight photo editor took It features a very easy-to-use interface. What makes CameraBag Photo unique from the rest is 200 Default Presets that allows to edit the photos on the go.


Every photographer has a desired photo editing program that would love to work with. You just have to choose the best one for you that suits all your needs. This list will give you some ideas and help you decide what’s best for you.

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