10 Best Free and paid XML Viewer and Editor for macOS

Through this interesting article you will come to know about the amazing stuffs of macOS, so stay with us till end of this article.

Is your profession a programmer or a developer who writes lots of code daily?

If, yes then this post is going to be very helpful for you. We are going to share many free and paid XML viewers and editors for macOS.

This post is specially written for those developers who are struggling to find out a good editor for them and if you are one of those developers then you are in the right place.

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Why use a good editor?

The first point we should cover is why a decent editor is essential for a developer. Many capabilities, such as code highlighting, syntax completion, and debugging, are available in a competent editor.

Your productivity will directly rise if your code editor provides you with superior performance and features.

As a result, rather than utilizing old outdated editors, it is preferable to utilize some decent code editors.

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Best Free and Paid XML Viewer and Editor of MacOS

10 Best Free and paid XML Viewer and Editor for macOS 1
10 Best Free and paid XML Viewer and Editor for macOS 36

1.     Visual Studio Code

Download Visual Studio Code - Mac, Linux, Windows

Visual Studio Code, generally known as VS Code, is the greatest code editor available. It can execute code written in any language. It doesn’t matter if it’s C++ or XML. Java or Kotlin are two options.

Microsoft created it, and practically every coder uses it. In Visual Studio Code, you may quickly examine, create, remove, and modify XML.

This code editor comes highly recommended by me due to its excellent user interface and functionality.

2.     Notepad++

Notepad++ for mac and its alternatives for mac operating system -

It’s an open-source code editor created in the C++ programming language that’s quite popular. You may write code in any programming language in Notepad++.

3.     Kite

Programmers outraged after coding startup Kite infiltrated open-source  projects to market its products — Quartz

Are you getting bored writing many lines of codes?

If yes then we have something for you which is called Kite. It is a code editor which automatically completes multiple lines of codes and supports more than 16 languages.

4.     Sublime Text

Sublime Text - Text Editing, Done Right

It is well-known for having the best-paid code editor. You may program in any language with the Sublime Text code editor. Sublime also offers a free version of its code editor, although support and capabilities are restricted.

5.     Webuilder

WeBuilder - code editor for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, Ruby, Python,  Perl

It is also a good and paid code editor. But it is only for web developers. Because it has support for only programming languages that are used for Website development such as HTML, CSS, JS, XML, JSON.

6.     Oxygen XML

TEI Editing

Oxygen XML is a code editor that is desiccated to XML programming. It can also check proper XML form.

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7.     XML Notepad

Microsoft XML NotePad 2007 - XML editor

You must have used a notepad on your laptop. But do you know that there is also a notepad for XML editing which can be installed on any macOS?

8.     Liquid Studio

Liquid Studio XML Editor Edition

It is one of the most comprehensive XML development environments available (Integrated Development Environment). It allows you to edit XML code as well as see the code.

9.     Xmplify

Xmplify 1.10.3 (Mac) - Download

It includes a comprehensive XML-aware editing environment, as well as document organization, automated schema generation, XSL transformations, and web preview, among other things.

10.  XML Edita

Download XML Edita for Mac | MacUpdate

It is a completely paid XML Editor which is available for $40. It’s an excellent tool for validating and transforming XML documents. You may create XML schemas more quickly using this code editor.

With XML Edita’s strong structure and regrouping capabilities, you may rapidly and efficiently change your XML codes. It also has a capability for document validation.


Choosing a code editor was quite difficult because of the wide variety of choices. But in this post, we tried to make it easier for you.

We discussed 5 code editors of which 3 are completely free and 2 are paid as well as free. I hope that this post was helpful for you and you had found this content informative.

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