How to Back up Your Personal Data on iOS and Android 1

How to Back up Your Personal Data on iOS and Android

Gone were the days when mobile phones were used only for calling purpose, but now multiple features and functionality were added to the smartphone due to technological advancement.

And the availability of multiple features and functionality facilitates us to use the smartphone for various purposes.

Nowadays, smartphones have become as significant as full-fledged laptops and desktops.

It handles all our valuable data such as contacts, videos, emails, documents, messages, photos, etc effectively.

We are dependent on our smartphone as it poses important data which we use in our day to day life.

Losing this valuable data due to any of the unexpected situations can be as disastrous for us.

No matter which device you are using, Android or iOS, to keep your data safe and secure it’s important that you must back it up.

Most of the smartphones available these days allow you to keep the data online using the Internet or also allow you to keep your data safe in your computer.

For keeping the back-up for iOS device we can use iCloud or iTunes and for Android devices, we can use Google Drive, Onedrive, or any other cloud services as it’s one of the best options to keep a copy of all the valuable data.

How to Back up Your Personal Data on iOS and Android 2
Business people syncing data by mobile phones

This copied data or backup data can be used to recover the data when you lost your data due to any of the Unexpected situations.

Various tools and software are available in the market these days using which you can easily restore all valuable data to your device wherever you lose data due to any of the unexpected situation. 

What is Backup?

Backup simply means creating an extra copy of valuable data so that it can be used further wherever the data is lost due to any of the reason.

This process is very important to get the data back wherever required and it’s also one of the most successful disaster recovery plan (DRP) for each and every individual.

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Why Keep Backup of Data?

Past were the days when we have only one desktop which comes with Microsoft office and creative suite, hence backing up data was not a headache.

But today most of our valuable data are spread across multiple apps such as Evernote, Google Docs, social networks, etc.

Hence you need to update your backup strategy and must develop the one that helps you to meet today’s workflows.

Instead of transferring some files to your drive it will be better for you to download an app or software that saves all your valuable data for further use.

Various applications and Softwares are available in the market these days, all these apps and software are crafted by the developers keeping in mind the need of present-day users. 

Big entrepreneurs and organizations also need to secure their data and need the backup.

As the data is very huge they are taking the support of professionals who are capable enough to handle all the latest apps and software.

They are hiring developers from the reputed firm who can help them to carry out all the tasks effectively.

Using various apps and software they can save copies of data which poses valuable information, videos, pictures, etc.

They help you to create a true backup of everything which is valuable for you.

iOS Device Backup

If you want to backup your valuable data then you can easily backup data your data from iOS devices such as iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone.

There are mainly 3 ways using which you can easily backup your data from iOS devices. 

  1. Apple’s iCloud
  2. iTunes
  3. Hybrid Approach 

1. Apple’s iCloud

Apple’s iCloud offers online services to users access and share documents, photos, and other important data between Mac,  Windows, and iOS devices. iCloud is easy and simple to use for all the users, they are offered with 5GB iCloud storage when they sign.

Using these iCloud storage users can easily save everything on their iPhone, they can save photos, videos, apps, layout, etc.

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If the user requires more storage then they can purchase 50GB additional storage at $9.99 a month

2. iTunes

iTunes offers huge storage space to the iPhone users that also free of cost. Users have to do everything manually while they use iTunes.

User has to plug their iOS device to any Windows or Mac that already have iTunes installed within it.

After completing the rest of the process that needs to click on the Back Up Now button. 

Once user click on that button, it will allow them to start the backup manually.

If the users want that backup must be carried out automatically whenever the device is plugged in then they must enable this computer radio button that appears in the iTunes.

Apart from this if the user chooses Encrypted iOS Backups option then all the data will be encrypted on the hard drive.

And for decrypting these data users will require an additional password. This process is very helpful for a shared computer.

3. Hybrid Approach

While using hybrid approach user can easily enable iCloud backups as stated above.

Turn ON iCloud Backup on iPhone

The backup process automatically generated whenever the device is connected to a USB power or any other Wi-Fi networks.

Additionally, the user can also connect their device with the computer and take the back up to iTunes.

User must disable the Automatically Back Up option set to iCloud while they manually backup to iTunes.

Android Device Backup

How to Easily Backup Any Android Phone to PC

Data Backup in Android device is very easy, users must keep a few things in mind to ensure that their data is fill backed up.

Mainly there are 2 using which you can keep your mobile data safe and secure. 

  1. Using Google Account
  2. Using USB

1. Using Google Account

This service is offered by Google itself, User can use Google account on their Android phone. Google Sync allows users to back up all valuable data such as Contacts, music, photos, etc.

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Most of users data are synced automatically if the user has signed in to their Google account.

If the user lost its data due to any reason then they can get it back by simply sign in their Google account.

Once they sign in all the data will sync and they will get all the data back.

2. Using USB

User can easily plug in their Android devices with their desktop or laptop. The process of data backing up data differs completely when users use Windows or a Mac.

User needs to follow all the steps while transferring valuable data to Windows or Mac.

User needs to connect their Android device with a computer using a USB cord.

When they connect their device they can view notification about the USB connection.

Once they get the notification, they need to choose “Transfer files” option available in the menu.

Once they choose this option all the data they want to transfer will be saved to their desktop or laptop.

Summing Up

Google offers an excellent backup solution for users using Android devices. It facilitated users to easily back up their data.

User can allow Google to Sync data from the initial when they sign-in to their account.

Backing up data is not an easy process as we think, we need to filter out which data is important before backing it up.

Also, we have to make the right choice for backing up the data. We must choose excellent methods and services for the backup process.

It does not matter which device you have, what matters is how you save your important data to other locations so that it can be used wherever required.

Keeping backup of data is one of the best great ways which ensure that you will get all your data even if your device is lost or broken.

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