Google Docs Adds Hindi Voice Dictation for Indians

The new feature is called “voice typing” and has been added to Google Docs. All you have to do to check it out is, just open a new document, click on the Tools menu and select “Voice typing.” Once done, you need to click on the microphone tab and get started. As per Google, this function will support 40 different languages. For the love of Indian users, it will even support Hindi.


As the user dictates the text in the content, he will even have to dictate where commas, periods and other punctuation marks are to be placed.

The Android App of Google Docs will now allow you to pull in facts, quotes, images and more from Google search.

The ‘research’ feature will allow the user to surf the web, and while doing this, the user wouldn’t have to minimize the word processor application and switch to the browser.

Source : Google For Work Blog

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