How to Check and Install Missing Drivers in Windows PC?

Do you love playing games and watching videos, but constant frame drops trouble you?

Do you face problems while listening to audio in your Windows PC?

If yes, then check and install the missing graphic drivers to get rid of all these issues.

Drivers are communication channels between your gaming or audio-visual hardware and the system.

The drivers make them communicate effectively so that you can enjoy playing your favorite game or watching HD videos without any glitch.

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How to Check and Install Missing Drivers in Windows PC
How to Check and Install Missing Drivers in Windows PC? 19

How to know the driver is not there and how it can be installed?

If this is what you are wondering, then put your worries aside and give this post a read.

Here I will share the best method to check and install the Windows drivers. But, before moving to that, here’s a snapshot of what drivers can do for you.

What Can a Driver Do for You?

If you are still confused about why are the drivers needed, then here’s what drivers can do for you and your windows PC.

  • Drivers make the system snappier.
  • Drivers prevent frequent system crashes and frame drops you face.
  • They make it easy to stream high-quality videos and audio without any lag.
  • They enhance the gaming experience as if you have the correct drivers attached to hardware so that the game runs smoothly.
  • If your printer does not work correctly, then installing a driver can make its working smooth.
  • Further, if you install the updated driver version from NVIDIA, Intel, and AMD, then you can even play the newly launched games with high graphics requirements.
  • If your Windows PC is a worn out and old model, then installing and updating drivers can make it work like a brand spanking new system.
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I hope, now you know why having drivers is vital and the consequences you may face if it’s missing.


Get ready to boost your PC performance by detecting the needed drivers and installing them.

Go through the next segment to know more about how to find the missing drivers that need to be installed as soon as possible.

Best Way to Find the Missing Windows Drivers

Checking for the missing drivers is easy as pie. Even a non-techie can do it effortlessly. You simply need to follow the below-mentioned series of steps.

  • Click on the Start icon, and choose Control Panel.
How to Check and Install Missing Drivers in Windows PC? 1

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  • After clicking on the Control Panel, select Hardware and Sound from the window that appears.
How to Check and Install Missing Drivers in Windows PC? 3

Image Source: isunshare

  • Now Select Device and Printers from the window that pops up on the screen.
How to Check and Install Missing Drivers in Windows PC? 5

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  • Click on Device Manager from the list visible under the heading Devices and Printers.
How to Check and Install Missing Drivers in Windows PC? 7

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  • After the device manager window pops up, find the hardware components marked with a yellow exclamation mark. The yellow mark indicates that the driver is missing, and you should install it.
How to Check and Install Missing Drivers in Windows PC? 9

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Now that you have found the missing drivers installing them is a matter of minutes. Please go through the following section to know the procedure of doing it.

Steps to Install the Missing Drivers in Windows

As said earlier, installing the Windows drivers is a quick and easy process. You can install them effortlessly by following these simple steps.

  1. Since the need to install the drivers arises only in cases where the Windows fails to recognize the hardware, or you have connected new gadgets, visit the component manufacturer’s website to download the driver.
  2. Sometimes the downloaded file comes in a zipped format. In this case, right-click on the folder and select Extract All Files to unzip the contents.
How to Check and Install Missing Drivers in Windows PC? 11

Image Source: svgcuts

  • Once you have extracted the contents of the zipped folder, move back to the device manager and click on the problematic device.
  • After clicking on the component which needs the driver, select Action from the device manager’s menu bar.
  • Click on Add Legacy Hardware option from the menu that appears.
How to Check and Install Missing Drivers in Windows PC? 13

Image Source: minitool

Once you have entered the Add Legacy Hardware wizard, it will guide you through the procedure to install the missing driver.

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After the driver gets installed, do not forget about it. Both installation and regularly updating the driver is essential for the system to function well.

If you fail to upgrade the windows drivers, then the system may become slow, buggy, and inefficient.

In case you find updating the drivers difficult or require an easy process to do it, here I share the same.

Step-By-Step Process to Update Windows Drivers

You can easily update windows drivers by following the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Open Device Manager (the steps to open the same are stated in the earlier part).
  2. When the device manager opens, click on the “+” or “>” icon to expand the category under which your hardware falls.
  3. Once you have located the hardware, right-click on it and select Update Driver Software or Update Driver.
How to Check and Install Missing Drivers in Windows PC? 15

Image Source: Windowswally

Hopefully, this post has made checking, installing, and updating the drivers easy for you. A driver is essential for the system.

Without drivers, it cannot communicate with the hardware and function properly.

Therefore, use a correct driver and update it regularly to make sure that the system works smoothly and you have a fantastic time playing games or watching your favorite movies in HD quality.

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