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8 Online Marketing Tips To Profile Yourself Or Your Company

You probably read interesting marketing tips more often and you think: “I really have to do something with that in my company”.

You then proceed to the order of the day and that tip remains on your large to-do pile.

Do you also notice more often that as soon as you want to get started with something concrete, you are already dizzy and wondering whether you are working on a useful action point?

Everywhere you find new information and inspiration, where the theme is always slightly different.

Where do you start now? What really makes sense for you as an entrepreneur to spend your precious time on?

In this blog, I share 7 effective online marketing tips with you that will certainly help you.

Online Marketing Tips 2020
8 Online Marketing Tips To Profile Yourself Or Your Company 4

1. Ensure structure and regularity

Especially when you start with online marketing it is quite a mess. But know that it is definitely worth your effort and your time.

Because at a certain point these activities will become automatic and they will bring you a lot. You can also plan things in advance so that you can work a lot more efficiently.

The most important thing in online marketing is structure and regularity.

Really sit down to determine your strategy. Brainstorm about topics that are relevant to your business.

What do you want to focus on in the coming period? Which themes do well with your potential customers?

If you do not know what you should post about, respond to current events. You can always respond to that.

Also, check out an issue or pick-up calendar on which specific days you can pick up with your product/service.

Always think from the customer’s perspective: what does he/she want to read? What information does he/she need?

Feel free to respond to the pain of your customers in your marketing. Always keep in mind that your marketing is not for you.

For adding structure to your online marketing, you certainly benefit from a content calendar. You can use that as a guide for your online marketing activities.

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I advise you to take a good seat here for once. When the content calendar is filled, you only have to go back to your planning and execute it.

This gives you a sense of control, it gives you a clear overview and it gives you a lot of peace.

In addition to the necessary structure, regularity is a condition for your online marketing. Your target group regularly expects posts and information from you. Preferably publish daily on all your social media.

2. Determine your specific target group

You probably have a clear picture of your target group. But do you know exactly who you want to focus on within that target group?

Do you know what they do, what they think, what makes them sleep at night and what they need?

Your online marketing will work for you the moment you have it completely clear. Then you can use a targeted call to actions and get leads.

How do you properly map that target group?

For this, you have to bring your ideal customer to life. You do that by creating a persona.

That helps you enormously in focusing your marketing specifically on your specific target group. This way you will immediately address your ideal customer in all your social media posts.

3. Release the standard content: go for video and speech

Online marketing no longer consists solely of regular posts with a photo and a text. Do you want to stand out? Then use video regularly.

It has long been known that video is more effective than text. It provides much more range.

And especially live video: so get started with dynamic content. Because the visual aspect is becoming increasingly important in online marketing.

How can you use this specifically for your business?

Livestreaming offers you various options. This way you can give a short training via a live video.

You can hold question and answer sessions (Q & As) where people can already ask you expert questions. You can also give instructions or demonstrations of your products.

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And what about a help desk function?

Go brainstorm about what you can offer in a live video to put your business in the spotlight and to profile yourself.

Did you know that spoken messages – in addition to videos – are ‘hot’? Your vote is becoming increasingly important for your business.

Various social media use the voice as an extra option to communicate online.

Beautiful; because there are many people who prefer to listen to information than to watch or read something.

4. Be active on social media daily

A very important tip: make sure that you are always visible online.

Not only by regularly posting things on your various social media channels. Or by actively involving your audience by asking them for their opinion.

Feel free to let your followers actively discuss new products/services, images that you want to use or the new look of your website.

Also, let us hear from you daily by actively responding to posts from others. Or share your specific knowledge in online groups.

Join groups in your field and answer people’s questions daily. Share your expertise and become visible as the expert.

Make sure that you as a brand/company always have a dialogue with your potential customer.

Respond as soon as a question is asked. Or like reactions from your followers as soon as you see them.

An extensive response to their posts is even more personal. Go for it!

Finally, I would like to give you to always remain authentic: so close to yourself.

How do you do that? Only tell honest stories that show how you make a difference with your business.

You can do that through examples and success stories of your products/services.

5. Communicate the most frequently asked questions via a FAQ section

You know it: for the umpteenth time a question ends up in your mailbox that has been asked 100 times before.

How nice is it to be able to answer your potential customer immediately?

So that he/she can continue with the possible purchase?

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You can easily realize this.

Create an FAQ page on your website. Here you place the most frequently asked questions with answers.

By offering this, you remove any doubts from the visitor. You can of course also use this section on your social media. Consider a FAQ topic in a closed group. You can continue to complete this list.

6. State your call to action in the first paragraph

A short tip in this blog, but an important one.

If you post something for promotional purposes – such as an advertisement – then the most important part is the Call To Action (CTA).

In other words: The call to action. What do you want the ad viewer to do? The image must attract attention and the CTA must put it into action.

Make sure the CTA is at the beginning of your post. It is true that many people do not read posts completely. So make it clear at the start of your text what should happen.

7. Vary your content with the 80/20 rule

My last tip is also short but powerful.

Did you know that it is not necessary that all content that you post is about your business itself?

So about your products/services, 20% is sufficient.

You fill the remaining 80% of your posts with attention to your customers/information about your customers and about the themes they need.

You can also use posts about fun, fun, and entertainment as long as you can link it to your business in one way or another.

8. Monitoring is essential

Many beginners find that after planning and airing a campaign, it will stand alone.

This is not true.

Once started, the campaign should be monitored daily to understand what is working, how the audience is receiving and what should be stopped.


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