44 Call-to-action Power Words and Phrases


The Call-to-action (CTA) is the digital signboards of the Internet. Their main purpose is to direct users towards your goal conversion—whether they may be purchases, e-mail subscriptions, or downloads.It’s important to note that no two CTAs are alike, even though most may have the same words used.That’s because a very important part of CTAs is design—a design that must speak best to the targeted audience/market. However, the discipline in making CTAs is pretty much the same all throughout.In the next bit, you’ll be guided on how to make effective and powerful CTAs. Bookmark this for futurereference. And by the end of this article, please download our compilation of 44 powerful call-to-action phrases cheat sheet.

1. Use action-suggestive words.

2. Use striking colors.

3. Add style to your button.

4. Make your text obvious.

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5. Make short copies.

6. Try writing CTA copies in 1st person.

7. Inspire sense of urgency.

8. Place your CTAs above the fold.

9. For multiple CTAs, differentiate their importance.


10. Add a value proposition to your CTA copy.

11. Add some images to your CTA.

12. Add another discreet line only if necessary.

13. Add variety to complement your CTAs.

14. Limit your customer’s choices.

15. Follow the customer’s reading pattern.

16. Use white spaces.

17. Test several designs and copies of CTAs.


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