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5 Best Thank you Page best practices and example

What’s the first thing they teach you when you were a kid?

To say thank you when someone does something nice for you. Same rule applies in the marketing sector.

What is ThankYou Page?

A thank you page is the page where a user is directed after filling out a form or registering to your site.

It becomes a great opportunity for the owners to increase their sales.

There are some tried and tested thank you page best practices that absolutely nails the art of sales marketing.

Let us look through them with thank you page examples –

1) Show your gratitude:

There should be an initial message showcasing your gratitude, this confirms that form has been submitted successfully and also adds a personal touch to the whole scenario. Keep the page simple and homey, do not clutter it with useless information or ads. Your consumer won’t even pay attention if he gets confused.
thanyou page-1
2) Navigation:

Your thank you page should have navigation options to explore and search through your main website. This gives your consumers an opportunity to look through your main website content if interested without going back and searching it afresh. You can also provide links with other relevant information on your thank you page. You can include other deals or demos of your product on this page.

3) Access to offers:

Provide your consumers with simple instructions on how to access their offer or to join the club. Also, if a user is opting for one of the products on your site there is an increased chance of getting him hooked to the product. Display offers and coupons with additional benefits on this page. Giving a marginal discount here gives the users an additional push in the direction of your product. They have already expressed an interest, now it’s your time to reel them in. This rule is especially applicable on the e-commerce thank you pages.
4) Increase the ROI of your Thank You page:

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Add social share buttons of your website to encourage them to spread the word. You can also add benefits in sharing about the website to their Facebook, Twitter accounts etc. People like sharing, they are generally excited about a new purchase or to show off a great offer, so give them an option to let their friends know socially when they have signed up for an offer or got a discount. A high converting thank you page increases your website’s view exponentially. On the other hand, social shares are absolutely free so you get free traffic.
5) Instant access:

Users are generally impatient and need immediate access to their products and services. Provide them with multiple options to download their offer as pdf or to send a message to their cell phone or to send an email, whatever option suits them best. If you want your users to download an access file with additional offers and services, you can provide it here with a prominent download button. You just need to keep it simple to overwhelm the consumer.



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