How to Extract Emails from Website Using Chrome Extensions

What is an Email Extractor?

A program that locates e-mail addresses and stores them in a list file is called an e-mail extractor. Each line in the list will contain a single email address. The list can also contain addresses numbering up to the thousands which can be copied, changed, merged into other files or searched. Email Extractor Chrome is an excellent example for this.



Need for an Email Extractor

An e-mail extractor can be implemented in the scanning of files and folders, or even entire hard drives along with external storage media including but not limited to CD-ROMs or even the entire internet itself. E-mail extractors can be employed by both enterprise users and individual users to locate all e-mail addresses which are present on a Local Area Network or any other computer network even if it is for reference purposes.
This can be used by a network admin or employer in case it is ever required to find out the e-mail addresses which have been involved in sending and receiving messages to and from the company.

This is especially true in the case of employees.
E-mail extractors are popularly used for collection of archiving of e-mail addresses from various internet forums across the net along with Web Sites whilst creating lists for the sole purposes of sending what is known as spam.

Powerful e-mail extractors are capable of locating not less than 100 e-mail addresses for every minute spent searching.

The list which is obtained from this process can then be pasted into the Send To/Outbox of a complex and advanced e-mail program enabling unsolicited e-mail messages to be automatically sent to thousands of e-mail addresses in a really short period of time with a bare minimum personal effort.
E-mail addresses desirous of not being found by such extractors can always be modified to hide from such mass spam programs out on the prowl on the internet. Various vendors provide programs that have been architected particularly for this reason.

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Such programs are often times used by personnel and enterprises to minimise the amount of spam that is received by them


How to use an email extractor correctly

Even though it is tempting to rely exclusively on email extractors for furthering your sales cause either individually or at enterprise level.

In some regions of the net and the actual physical world, it is considered just plain wrong and even illegal!

Statistics regarding e-mail extractors show that there is no correlation between the use of such tools and the actual measurable growth of the business.

There is also a great chance of this tool putting down your deliverability as an organization or as a functioning department within an enterprise.

It is best to ask for permission to send mails to random email accounts by sending the target addresses a one-time sign up form. This is both ethical and within the limits of the law.

Free Chrome Extension that collects emails – Hunter Chrome extension

The Hunter Chrome extension is a boon to marketers and salespeople alike who are looking for sales leads and eventual lead conversions. One can easily create an account with this extension and get 100 free searches for every month. Premium accounts will offer a lot more email accounts as expected.

Hunter for Chrome - techblogocorner

How do email searches on websites work?

Each time a user visits a website, they simply need to click Hunter’s Chrome extension to obtain a list of all email addresses straight to your respective browser. The extension will display all e-mail addresses which are found on the internet which are associated with the domain name of the said website that you are visiting. – I use Sumo to boost my e-mail capture conversion rates. Particularly useful are Content Upgrades and their List Builder so I can target specific articles with specific calls-to-action and bonuses. It’s an incredible combo. Check them out here.

The extension will offer the sources for every e-mail address, from where they were found combined with the date on which it was uncovered.

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How many leads can I save?

Even though there isn’t a limit on the amount of leads you can save, there is a definite limit on the number of email addresses that you can search as specified by your plan.

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