4 Outstanding Influencer Outreach Email Templates

You can use email outreach templates to build backlinks, generate leads, make connections with influencers, improve customer experience, and build your brand.

Below, I’ve compiled a summary of the approaches that have worked most effectively for us.

Note: These email templates are based on emails I’ve sent and received. Any references to industries, companies, or individuals are meant to illustrate these fictitious email examples.

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4 Outstanding Influencer Outreach Email Templates 3

Speaker Outreach Email Template

Hi [Name],

I’m [Position and Company], and I wanted to reach out to gauge your interest in speaking at [Event]/having [Talent] speak at [Event].

A little more information on us:

[Event] is all about [Theme]. Typically, we see [Attendance], and we’re regularly promoted across [Promotional Channels], which attract [Size of Audience on Those Channels].

Past speakers have included:

  • [Name + Link]
  • [Name + Link]
  • [Name + Link]
  • [Name + Link]
  • [Name + Link]

The speaking opportunity could help bring some visibility to [Company/Person/Initiative], and I know our audience would be very interested to hear about it.

We’d love to have you at [Event] to talk about [What They Might Want to Discuss], [Another Topic You Might Want to Discuss], [And Another Topic You Both Care About].

Please let me know if you’re interested, and we can talk more about next steps.


[Your Name]

Press Outreach Email Template

Hi [Name],

In case you haven’t seen yet, [Your Company/Company Initiative] was featured [Where You Were Featured] this morning. [Reason They Care As It Related to What They Cover].

[Person of Note] shared his thoughts on it just a few moments ago in [Asset + LINK]: [Person of Note’s Quote].

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This news is really exciting alongside [Recent Company Mention Elsewhere + Link], [Recent Company Accomplishment + Link], and [Recent Trend + Link].

Happy to answer any follow-up questions if this is something you’d like to cover.


[Your Name]

Guest Blog Post Pitch Template

Hi [Editor’s Name],

I’ve enjoyed reading your blog posts about [Topic They Write About], and noticed there was no post covering the angle [Angle They Haven’t Covered]. So, I thought I’d write a draft and see if you’re interested in publishing it on your blog.

Please find the draft attached. If you’re interested in publishing it, I would be excited to see it go up! If you’d like me to make any revisions, I can do that, too.

[Your Name]

Rejecting a Guest Blog Post Email Template

Hi [Author],

Thanks for sending over the article on [Topic]. However, I don’t think this is a great fit for our blog. The article is [Quality of the Article That Makes It a Poor Fit]/We’ve previously written on [Topic the Article Covers] here [LINK] and here [LINK].

I’m going to pass on this piece, but I’d encourage you to take a look at our guest blogging guidelines here [LINK] and our previous posts on this topic here [LINK]. I’m open to seeing another pitch from you in the future.

[Your Name]

I hope you liked the email templates list, Please let us know in comments which one you liked the most.

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