10 Best YouTube Tag Generators

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YouTube is right next in line as the world’s second-largest search engine. Marketers are increasingly focusing on creating intelligent YouTube SEO strategies.

These techniques include several variables, but one of the main components of effective SEO is using the right keywords. The keyword tools of YouTube help to remove a lot of guesswork.

A YouTube keyword tool is a software application that helps you determine what YouTube users are looking for on the web, providing you with insights into customer preferences and, potentially, a competitive advantage.

There are three forms of YouTube tags that you can use in your video:

· Long-tail specific tags: These are multi-word tags identifying the video topic.

· Generic tags: Includes instructional keywords “how-to,” “tutorial,” “vlog,” and the like.

· Brand or channel tags: These tags include the brand or company name, URL, or product name or code.

YouTube keyword analysis is something that digital marketers must leverage to stay ahead in terms of SEO ranking.

1. Rapid Tags

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10 Best YouTube Tag Generators 36

Rapid Tags is a fast, reliable, and feature-rich Youtube tag generator. Most tag generators only have a bunch of keywords to choose from, but Rapid Tags gives users accurate, usable tags.

These tags come in the same style as the tags in the YouTube tags section. You can copy and paste these tags under your tag line in a few taps.

Rapid Tags interface is smooth, and the best part about it is that it’s free to use. You will not even need to sign-up on their website. The website also has a rank analyzer, a useful SEO tool.

With the rank analyzer, easily monitor if you are ranking on YouTube or not. You can also check how many requests you receive and the rate of interest and likes. Its a Rank Tracking software which can also track different videos to see how they are performing on YouTube.

2. TubeBuddy

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TubeBuddy is a popular browser extension and mobile app that offers impressive features on top of YouTube’s website. The YouTube Certified software helps creators and YouTubers build and manage their channels.

TubeBuddy offers channel optimization software, video SEO, keyword analysis, tag management, analytics, efficiency, bulk processing, marketing, and many other performance-boosting features. This tag generator app for YouTube videos also come for free an in an affordable paid plan.

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Its features include:

· Discover the best tags by importance and ranking to increase views

· Find long-tail search words to help target users on YouTube

· Explore trend tags to keep your videos relevant long after publication

· Reorder your video tags quickly and easily

· Find, show, delete and copy video tags  

· Create and maintain unified tags

3. Better Way to Web

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Better Way to Web is an excellent generator of youtube video tags, worth trying! Like most Youtube tag generator tools listed in the list, Better Way To Web also offers a long list of tags for any keyword you search for.

But the feature distinguishing this resource is the offer to display Competitor tags.

Optimizing tags with the highest search keyword is an essential SEO operation, but keeping an eye on the tags of your competitors is a significant move to conquer your competition.

Better Way to Web allows users to see tags of competitors in one click.

4. Tubics

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Tubics is a data-driven tool that helps users get ideas for videos that gets views and brand awareness in different niches. Video concept involves insights into the competition, video questions, and recommended tags and keywords.

It gives automated tips on how to properly tag YouTube videos based on official search data by YouTube Search and different search engines.

Content creators also get tips on better tags so that their video gets more views.

With the help of monthly tag analysis, search volumes, and also Tubic’s optimization advice, users can select the right tags for their video to get more views and bigger ROI. 

5. Keyword Tool Dominator

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Keyword Tool Dominator helps you discover thousands of the best YouTube channel keywords and YouTube video keywords in no time and with no fuss. In just a few minutes, users can get, in real-time, more than 1,000+ YouTube SEO keywords.

It also helps users get data on which are the top 10 keyword suggestions returned for the seed keyword via Top 10 YouTube Keywords.

These keywords are also popular terms linked to other keyword suggestions identified.

Including the Top 10 and highest Ranked YouTube keywords in your YouTube video generate more search volume traffic.

YouTube Keyword Tool utilizes YouTube’s Autocomplete feature to identify ranking long-tail keywords from YouTube automatically. Autocomplete is the search option you see while typing on the YouTube search bar.

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The suggestions are from the most trending search queries from actual YouTube users.  It speeds up the search process and improves user satisfaction.

Keyword Tool Dominator enables Autocomplete by imitating a real human user. Every time a search word is typed, YouTube lists suggestions about what it thinks the user is looking for.

Currently, KTD has close to 24,000 users that trust and use Keyword Tool Dominator’s YouTube Keyword Tool.

6. Keyword Keg

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Keyword Keg is a repository of data that provides a wide variety of keyword data. You should evaluate these keywords on their relevance, patterns, and targeting opportunities in Your YouTube posts.

If you intend to optimize your video tags to produce maximum organic views, Keyword Keg would be your best pick. For PCC campaigns and affiliate programs to include video advertisements on YouTube, Keyword Keg enables users to find the relevant keywords very quickly. 

Keyword Keg uses YouTube’s Suggest API to highlight the most searched phrases on YouTube’s search engine and also provide long-tail keywords to optimize your content.

Not just that, it also displays essential details, including the number of searches each month, CPC SEO difficulty, as well as other valuable data. Based on this keyword info, users can make the most of these keywords in the YouTube content or in your blog where you mention or embed the content.

Keyword Keg is the most innovative and specialized tool that is a must-have for bloggers, digital marketers, and Youtube content creators. 

7. Kparser Keyword Suggestion Tool

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A user-friendly keyword extraction tool, Kparser lets users discover new ideas for their content quickly. It produces high-level keywords for video titles, descriptions, and tags.

Users can create tags per country and language with this YouTube tag generator and can use advanced search settings to optimize results. Users can also export all results may to Excel and worksheets.

Kparser helps users discover all the highly demanded keywords in no time.

Google Keyword Planner was previously the best keyword analysis and demand forecasting method.

But today, content creators must run a unique keyword application to figure out what their intended market is searching for on various search engines.

It helps content creators, even digital marketers, to tailor content to meet trending search queries. More keyword recommendations provide more opportunities for SEO, PPC, digital marketing, and eCommerce results.

Kparser provides long-tail keywords you can use for your title, description, and tags, so the content has better chances to rank quickly for relevant search queries. Kparser also aids in generating a list of suggestions for YouTube channel username, channel keywords, and video ideas.

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Kparser has a free version and a paid version starting at $4.99 monthly.

8. Keyword Tool

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Keyword Tool is a great keyword research tool that helps users generate hundreds of keywords for their Youtube content in a matter of seconds.

Keyword Tool is user-friendly. It’s free and needs no sign-up. To generate keyword ideas, the Keyword Tool uses the YouTube Auto-suggest feature. 

In addition, the Keyword Tool helps you to pick the country and language to make the keyword recommendations more appropriate.

9. Youtube Tag Generator

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Youtube Tag Generator allows users to extract tags from YouTube videos.

After users input the YouTube URL on the tool, users can also refine the tags to boost SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings on YouTube, Google, and other search engines.

The tool also helps users create unique tags that can outperform the competition.

10. VidIQ

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VidIQ helps users unleash the video marketing potential of their content, and also build a loyal consumer base with tools that increase audience engagement.

It offers a plethora of tools to help creators and marketers grow their channels, brand awareness, and online presence.

Its browser extension includes video estimation, video SEO, keyword research, tag management, and analysis, among others. VidIQ is a YouTube Approved software and is free of charge, but also comes with paid plans starting weekly at $7.50.

Its features include:

· Discover how well tags are performing

· Get tag suggestions and recommendations

· See what tags your competitors are using

· Discover how many tags a video is using

· Find, view, extract, and copy tags from any video

· Export keywords for future use

Conclusion: Optimize Video Content with YouTube Tag Generators

Optimize video content with YouTube Tag Generators. Even if Youtube tags are not the only aspect optimizing the YouTube search engine, it affects your ranking significantly if you use it well.

When you master how to work with tag generator tools, getting views on Youtube will become extremely easy for you.

If you do not add specific Youtube tags, the chances of having higher views on YouTube become very poor.

Youtube Tag Generator tools help finding the best and the most relevant tags for increased visibility so that you can drive the ranking of your video content.

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