Top 5 Best WhatsApp Mod Apps APK for Android in 2021

Whatsapp is one of the instant messaging apps that is used worldwide by people. The app is supported on all smartphones.

It is one of the biggest platforms that allow sharing other media as well such as images, videos, audios, etc.

Now, there are mod versions of the application available in the market. However, it is recommended that people shouldn’t use them due to violation policies.

There are several features included in Whatsapp that makes it one of the best messaging apps but has some limitations as well. We have mentioned 5 best-forked versions of Whatsapp available.

Top 5 Best WhatsApp Mod Apps APK for Android in 2021 2

Here is the list of the mod versions of Whatsapp application available that can be used in 2020.

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Whatsapp Plus

A very well-known version of Whatsapp available is Whatsapp Plus. It was developed by Rafalete. This is one of the best alternatives available to Whatsapp as it has one of the most amazing features available such as the No-Ban feature.

There are some extra features added to the application which is given the name as Whatsapp plus. Changes are done in the UI and some functionalities are added. Thousands of themes are available, along with an inbuilt App lock. 

FM Whatsapp

One of the coolest features available in FM Whatsapp is that you can add several numbers to a single app. The theme options provided in this version are less and there are fewer options to customize but a variety of options are available to chat.

FM Whatsapp allows a person to share a file of size 1 GB and there are more than 30 styles of ticks available. There is a theme available that has women-oriented features and is named as Hello Kitten.

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You can also get the flexibility of hiding your chats and you can also customize the chat window. You can  Download FMWhatsapp for android  here.


Yo Whatsapp

Also known as YOWA, it is another mod version of Whatsapp available for people to use. The app has UI similar to that of the Whatsapp Application of IOS, thus a person can experience the feel of using the iOS version of Whatsapp in his Android device.

The theme and interface are similar to that of iOS. It is packed with all important features and has low chances of getting a ban. 100+ languages are supported in the application and you can use this version as dual Whatsapp.


There are many good features included in GB Whatsapp and is similar to Whatsapp plus. It allows sharing large video files and more than 90 images can be shared in a single attempt. It allows a person to hide their online status as well.

This is the best possible mod version of the application available is you want to use two versions of Whatsapp in a single device.

You can make the most of the application by using a variety of customization options available. You can hide double tick, blue tick also.

Several languages are supported and you can also lock some particular chats.


One of the trusted mod versions of the original Whatsapp Application and was designed at first to meet the need of using two Whatsapp versions on a single device.

You can use two different mobile numbers from the same application.

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A variety of theme options are available to customize your application and you can also share large video and audio files very easily.

There are various good features packed in the mod versions of the Whatsapp Application and they offer a large number of themes with the help of which you can also customize your application.

They fulfill the basic need that is instant messaging but come with various added features that make them the best messaging service app. Mod versions are downloaded on the user’s discretion.

Risks Associated with Use of Mod WhatsApp

Risk 1. According to the online researchers at Internet Research Institute, the modified versions of WhatsApp are more prone to inject Malware and Spyware due to less secure hosted servers. They are more vulnerable to cause damage to users data.

Risk 2. The mod versions of WhatsApp are not encrypted and thus whatever messages you send may be read by a 3rd person.

It is very much dangerous to send any confidential info like Banking credentials, Passwords or any other personal detail which may put your privacy at risk.

Risk 3. Using WhatsApp Plus or GBWhatsApp is not illegal but it is against WhatsApps policies. This may trigger the company to put a permanent ban on your WA usage.

Risk 4. These apps ask for permissions which are generally unnecessary for working of the app. The modded apps thus could harness user’s personal info which could be dangerous if your phone is used for any business purpose.

The mod WhatsApps like could be potentially dangerous to the users, thus I recommend you to do not download them even though they seem to be very much appealing.

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Risk 5. It is against the policies of WA and you may safe legal litigations.

Note: Download the Apps at your own risk I do not endorse any of this App.

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