Top 10 Best Video Games for Windows and Mac

If you are a Videos Games lover and you have recently have bought a laptop, PC or MAC. Now being a video game’s lover, you are planning to play your favorite games. So, here we have accumulated top video games for windows and mac users.



It is based on farming role on the rituals of Harvest moon, having with extra shine, heedful tuning and also with the fresh trifling along with the magical pragmatism. It occupies the Harvest Moon’s simple creativity, committed work instead of bowing to nostalgia, finally making finest way to escape the last days of 2016.


It is genuinely the first-person shooter that remarkably plays similarly like a puzzle game. It is not the same as other shooters; it is not regarding reflexes aim. The assumption is that the time only moves at the time your character moves, so you should have to make your position in order to avoid bullets and hold weapons. The low poly style turns into architecture, weapons in the game and the characters stylized glass and ceramic figures, providing peculiar look. If you have got the oculus split, it also has a VR adaptation that is perfect in its own right.


This game provides you the shoes of everyman Henry, a fire prospect who’s pulled into puzzle along with his coworker Delilah. Fix in the Wyoming wilderness, the game has actually short tale exploration game regarding the layman who actually deals with the bad and imperfect decision. Few of which may be made by players themselves.

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The contemporary installment of the long-running furtiveness series blows the games having the best elements on the large scale. The release is episodically, the levels are based on absolute killings Rube Goldberg machines, full of good describing ways to kill the targeted people without giving the clue. The range starts from Paris art museum up to Japanese medical department, very exciting for hours of investigation and it only depends on how you play this particular game which is full of brutality and excitement.


The first thing you need to know, it is the modern project from Blendo Games. The strategy of the game is smashing zombies and quirky and imaginative thirty flights of loving. Actually, this game is the retro-futuristic hacking game which is been made by Blendo Games and with the originator Brendon Chung’s peculiar blocky style. The game has plenty of series of heists achieved with the series of computer command and cracks teams of the assistant.


Overwatch is one of the finest games for mac and window and has earned popularity among the users. It is the game, having the smart and gleaming take on the team-based shooter formula and with the outstanding plenty of characters. Every character shows their different skills and plenty of weapons which allows for a distinctive style of gameplay, you can play with the deadly sniper, with the hammer and also with the rollerblading healer. While playing remembers to play target, group up on the payload and there is no need of Hanzo on the attack even having the elimination medals you have will not make a difference.

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When a user will play this game, find out killing and brutality is constant in this particular game, the main point click game that combines sailing simulations. The main role-playing elements are roguelike journeys, a spooky account also fixes in the same world as its beloved forerunners, demolition of London. Being a sea captain, you have to explore a continuously changing world to earn money and need to solve the examinations and the main thrilling point is the traveling will let you at the risk of fuel less and foodless. If a captain dies, then a player has to start the game from the initial stage.


The watch Dogs 2 was launched with an outstanding premise. It is based on earn theft auto style open world game in which player is free to hack anything that you want around you. No doubt, it is on somber and ruthless slog, but its series manages to make differences. Its sequel is full of new toys to play with, perfectly designed stages to deal with and magnificent new city to explore. It also has the leading role on real personality.


It is an action-adventure stealth video game; it is based on the place of Isles. After Empress Emily Calvin is disposed of by an “otherworldly Usurper” user can choose from the two characters, either enable to play with the Emily or with the Corvo Attano. While endeavoring to restore the throne, both the characters Emily and Corvo got their plenty of supernatural powers. There is also the plenitude of methods to succeed in each assigned mission through the secret, aims and brutal disputes.

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