5 Best Ways to Make Money Online from Home

The disruptive nature of technology is revolutionizing the way we work and entertain ourselves.  Making money online is getting harder everyday, most people remain perplexed on how to make a living out of the internet. In this article, we will explore few smart options that allows people to make money online.  Before we start let me remind you that, doing business in online is similar to that of doing it offline. You need to create trust in your niche market, be legitimate/ committed, and have an marketing strategy for your business. The online marketing strategies you create will come in handy in the long run. Also, keep yourself updated and don’t hesitate to tweak your marketing strategies to run parallel with the online trends.


#1 Blogging

Every company around the globe have realized the importance of inbound traffic, and the best way to achieve that is through high quality content. The need for unique and high quality content have increased dramatically. Often you have noticed that more than 60% of the results on SERP doesn’t carry an Ad signature with them. So the need for content is out there. The question is, can you create the kind of content which will add value to the reader.

You can start your own blog. There are lots of free sites that allows you to create blogs like,,, Wix, Tumblr, etc. Once you decide on the blog platform select a topic that excites you, and starts producing high quality content. Write about things that you are interested in, be an expert in the niche. Always keep in mind that a well researched article written with the sole intention to provide solution/ information will get better traction online, rather than writing a general article. When your blog starts to get good no: of visitors you can apply for Google Adsense, can sell spaces on your website to other vendors, be an affiliate,etc.

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Once you become an expert in that particular blog sphere then you can slowly, start reaching other prominent websites with an intention to be a contributor. You can also reach out to different websites that are in need of content and can start writing for them. If your content is adding value to those people then, they may absorb you as a freelance content writer on their website, for which you will be getting paid. There are also online marketplaces like Fiverr, where you can enroll and put your offer so that people in need can reach out to you when the requirement comes up.

#2 Microstock Graphic Designing/ Photography

If you have the passion towards designing, then this is one good opportunity that will help you make money online. You can design themes for WordPress and sell it at a higher margin. Every WordPress sites are in need of themes. If your theme runs parallel with what the customer requires they might prefer your theme over others. Also if you are good with graphic designing, use your creativity to come up with images that will lure customers attention. Open an account in stock image sites and start producing compelling images. Every content writer is in need of compelling images that run parallel with the content he/ she produces.

You can create an account on Fotolia, stock photo, Shutterstock, etc and can start developing images of your interest. Then place your offer on these sites for a price. People are searching for compelling images and chances are there that most people may end up buying from you. You can also start working as a freelance designer. Where based on the customer requirement you can design infographics, ebooks, white papers, logs, etc. Most  designers provide custom made offers to attract prospects.

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#3 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also known as referral marketing. Affiliate marketing often works on commission, where you will refer a product through your website. When a conversion/ sale happens through your referral, you will be awarded a commission. The commission varies based on the affiliate program that you are into and the product you are selling.

For eg: If you have an online store, that sells books. You can find a vendor that sells similar products and can enter into an affiliate program. One advantage of affiliate program is that most affiliate websites make use of cookies if someone lands on the publisher’s website and makes a purchase within the next 60 days you are entitled to the commission. 2 tire affiliate marketing programs are also there, where someone you referred gets sales and you will be credited with a small commission.

#4 Video Marketing through Youtube

Most digital marketers believe that video marketing is the next best form of content to reach their target audience. Videos are an exemplary form of content to convey complex ideas and processes in a concise and simple manner. Most B2B purchases are influenced by online videos. Reviews and endorsements are quite effective, in post purchase decision.

Create your own videos and share it on youtube. You can start small by creating videos around product reviews, fun facts, etc. If you are serious about this make sure that you will use a professional camera to do the recording. If you don’t have one make use of your smartphone.

Once you record the videos you have to import it to a  video editing tool like open shot or nero video editor. Keep uploading those videos to a youtube and market it on all social media channels. You can also create animation videos with the help of different online tools.

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Once you get to know what works and what kind of videos are giving you better traction, start to create animation videos on a professional scale. If you are really good with graphic designing and feels comfortable to create high quality videos try using Wacom Cintiq (a bit costly). If you don’t need to invest a huge amount you can buy a Wacom animation tool that meets your budget.

#5 Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turks (marketplace) are minuscule jobs offered by Amazon, called HIT’s ( Human Intelligence Tasks). It gives access to scalable, diverse, on-demand workforce where people can select multiple tasks based on their preferences. These are simple tasks anyone can do, the pay per unit may seem a bit less compared to other online jobs. If done consistently it can help you get good money. The jobs will scale from selecting a URL that points to particular images, putting voice for certain phrases, etc.

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