Top 7 Automotive Tech Trends You Should Be Thankful For

Automobiles play an important role in our daily lives, and they have for quite a while now, but in the recent decade, the advancement in all sorts of tech, including automobile tech has risen exponentially.

We have come a long way from those old bulky cars that made lots of noise and weren’t safe at all.

These days, a lot of amazing and innovative advancements have been made in the automobile industry. These advancements have made cars more safe, efficient and easy to drive.

Here is a list of some of the most amazing new automobile advancements. Check it out to know what incredible features you can get in your car now, and what you should look forward to in the future. 

Automatic emergency braking

These days, modern vehicles have become a lot safer and easier to drive than they used to be. One of the significant contributors to the increases in the safety of cars is automatic emergency braking.

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Firstly the objective of automobile manufacturers was to make sure that the driver remained safe during an accident, this was achieved by applying safety precautions like airbags and reinforcement of the driver’s cell.

However, now the safety tech has come a step further. Now, apart from the employment of the previous safety measures, features have been added to cars to avoid accidents in the first place.

One of these features is automatic emergency braking. This revolutionary technology used sensors placed at strategic locations of the car to determine if the car is in danger.

If the sensor detects that a crash is imminent, automatic brakes are applied. This technology has saved many people from dangerous accidents. 

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Self-driving cars

Self-driving cars are the future of the automotive industry, and the tech that is used to make self-driving cars is fascinating.


Autonomous vehicles are capable of sensing the environment around them and use artificial intelligence to cruise safely on the road without taking any sort of input from a human.

Self-driving cars have gone from being only a concept to being inevitable in the recent decade. Some self-driving cars are already available to the public, but the commercialization of the technology and its implementation into the world may take some time for now.

Still, self-driving cars are and will remain the center of the automotive tech world for a while. 

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High-performance electric cars

We all know that even though cars are useful for us now, they aren’t doing the environment any favors. Cars run on burning fuels are destroying the environment.

They are spreading both air and noise pollution. In the recent decade there has been a significant focus of the production of electric cars.

Some electric cars did exist before, but they were nowhere near the electric cars of today and the future. Before the creation of tesla, no one expected an electric car to be fast and powerful, but these days tesla has made some amazing electric supercars that are super innovative and safe for the environment.

The new tesla roadster can go from 0 to 60 in just 1.9 seconds. These specs are comparable to some of the most fuel-consuming vehicles, and the tesla can also run for a long time on a single charge.

Companies like Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo, are also adding electric cars to their fleet, and the rest are also expected to follow.

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This will allow electric cars to be more affordable and in reach for the general public.  

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Ride sharing apps

Ridesharing apps aren’t advancement in the tech of cars per se, but they are definitely a huge and super influential advancement in the automobile industry.

With the popularization of ride-sharing apps like Uber and lyft, the whole infrastructure of the automotive industry has evolved. 

These ride-sharing apps have evolved the relationship between the car and the riders. Now you don’t have to practically own a car to use it. Ridesharing apps are a very significant advancement in the world of cars, and it has to be on this list.

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Security measures

Apart from safety, a lot of emphasis has also been put into the security of cars. These days amazing tech is installed into cars that make them very hard to steal.

Features like GPS tracking have made it very easy for cars to be kept safe, and if they are stolen, they are easier to find. If a car is stolen these days, it will automatically stop when it leaves certain GPS radius.

Cars also have biometric recognition to make them safer and more secure. Self-driving cars also have an added layer of security to prevent hackers from accessing them.    

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Futuristic headlights

Headlights and taillights are another element of automobiles that has recently seen a lot of advancement. A decade ago, halogen and xenon lamps were used in the headlights and taillights of cars.

These bulbs had shorter lives, lower light and they weren’t energy efficient either. These days LED lights are the main technology used for lighting in many cars.

LED headlights are more energy efficient, have higher intensity lights, last longer and are also cheaper to produce.

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LED lights check all the right boxes when it comes to optimal headlight technology. Check out the h6054 led headlight bulb, which is one of the best ones on the market. 

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Some automobile companies like BMW have installed laser headlights in their cars, laser headlights are more efficient, but they are a little expensive to make, so still LED bulbs are dominating the automobile industry.

Adaptive cruise control

Adaptive cruise control is a very innovative technology that has been added to cars to make them significantly safer.

This technology uses a variety of sensors that automatically adjust the speed of your car to maintain a certain distance from other cars.

This amazing feature is regarded as the base for any intelligent and commercial self-driving vehicles that will be available in the future.

The adaptive cruise control technology has been applied to the latest tesla vehicles, which allows them to be driven automatically on highways.

Adaptive cruise control is one of the critical advancements in automobiles that will have a massive impact on the cars of the future. 

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If you’ve read the above-mentioned advancements happening in the automobile industry, you are now up-to-date with all that is taking place.

If you think there is a mentionable advancement that hasn’t been talked about feel free to mention it in the comments below.


This post is written by Mark Hilton. He is a digital nomad who is obsessed with automobiles and loves road traveling. He has worked in several automobile companies and has been covering technology online for over five years.

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