How To Convert PSD To WordPress Theme In Easy Steps 1

How To Convert PSD To WordPress Theme In Easy Steps

WordPress is the foremost website builder in the world but there are other platforms that have a significant number of users.

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One such format that is popular with various kinds of website owners is PSD or Photoshop design/ document.

While the biggest asset of a PSD layout is its visual appeal, there are other aspects where it lags behind the number one CMS.

How To Convert PSD To WordPress Theme In Easy Steps 2
How To Convert PSD To WordPress Theme In Easy Steps 12

This forces many people to think of converting their website from PSD to WordPress. In this tutorial, we are discussing the method to conduct the migration.

This will allow you to retain your attractive design while enjoying the benefits of the open-source platform.   

1. Create Your WordPress Installation

Before we conduct the migration, we will have to create our WordPress installation. You must be already using a hosting plan for your current website. Chances are the service being used by you offers a feature for installing the CMS.

Most hosting companies provide their users with the facility of creating the installation in a single click.

How To Convert PSD To WordPress Theme In Easy Steps 4

Depending on the hosting company you are subscribing to, you will find the relevant button in the section named website or web hosting.

You can also conduct the process through an FTP client but it will also require you to create a MySQL database for the website. This process can be too technical for some people.

2. Evaluate Your Website’s Design

Once you have finished creating your installation, it is time to evaluate your present website’s design. Your PSD layout is a collection of various images.

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Shifting all the files to the new interface will not be sensible as it will bloat the website.

Look closely to identify the images that you will need for the different locations of your interface.

The entire design will be cut up and integrated into the WordPress structure to give form to your new website. Choose the files that you think will be ideal for the new interface and move to the next step.

3. Slice The PSD Into Different Image Files

How To Convert PSD To WordPress Theme In Easy Steps 6
How To Convert PSD To WordPress Theme In Easy Steps 13

A PSD image is different from pictures in other formats like JPG. These images are composed of layers and you will need to slice them into separate pictures.

In order to chop up the design, you will need an editing tool like Adobe Photoshop.

Start slicing the images according to the evaluation you have done in the previous step. Sort the images based on the purpose they will serve.

For instance, you can cut up the pictures for background, header, etc. It will also be pertinent to optimize the chopped pictures with a tool so that their file size is reduced without affecting their visual quality.

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4. Create HTML And CSS Files

We now come to the business end of our PSD to WordPress conversion.

A WordPress web page is usually composed in HTML while CSS is used for adding the styling definitions.

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It is essential that you are proficient in both the coding languages so that you can write the entire code of your new theme. You can use a code editor to create two files namely, index.html and style.css. Save both the files in your system and proceed ahead.

5. Integrate HTML And CSS Into The WordPress Structure

How To Convert PSD To WordPress Theme In Easy Steps 8
How To Convert PSD To WordPress Theme In Easy Steps 14

You now have the basic code for your new interface but will have to be integrated into the file structure used by WordPress.

Any website built with the open-source platform needs two main files- index.php and style.css.

However, there are some other files that are required to create an effective layout. You will need header.php, sidebar.php, and footer.php to define the three major locations of your pages.

Take a look at the image given above. You will see a sample index.html program that shows the code for the three major sections.

Make sure you enter the relevant codes for your sliced images at the correct places in this code. Create and save all the different files in your system.

6. Add WordPress Tags And Functions

Every WordPress theme comes with a set of tags and functions that add some unique features to the template.

This makes the theme flexible and gives more control to a user. Visit the official WordPress website to view the complete list of functions and tags.

In case, you do not have any experience working with WordPress, you will have to consult an expert to know the items that you will need in your theme.

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Once you have added the necessary items, your theme will be complete.

7. Upload The Files And Activate Your Theme

How To Convert PSD To WordPress Theme In Easy Steps 10
How To Convert PSD To WordPress Theme In Easy Steps 15

You will have to upload the theme to your installation. Connect to your website through an FTP client and go to wp-content > themes.

Open the themes folder and create a new folder inside it. Name it and then upload all your files to this folder.

Save the folder and access your website’s admin dashboard. Visit Appearance > Themes and you will see the new template listed there.

Activate the theme to complete your migration process.


Many people may feel that migrating a PSD website to WordPress is a complex technical process. They are not wrong as a minor mistake can easily ruin the entire theme. It will be pertinent to contact agencies that provide WordPress developers for hire to conduct such conversions. The professionals will be able to complete the project efficiently and quickly.

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