6 Websites to Find Logo Design Inspiration

Logo designing is a delicate task and only the professionals with years of experience can achieve perfection.

The logo might the most important part of any business. It carries the brand identity and allows potential customers to connect with your business.

Unless you have a high standard logo that catches the attention of your potential leads you are not going to become a successful businessman.

Does that mean you need a super complex logo to secure the attention of mass people?

6 Websites to Find Logo Design Inspiration 4

The super complex logo doesn’t add any value to the strategic marketing campaign. Think about the tech giant Apple. They have a simple but very elegant logo.

By now it should be pretty clear about the importance of a logo. So, how can we find logo design inspiration and create stunning work for our project?

Well, we can focus on some inspirational websites that can give us unique ideas about the context of the logo.

In this article, we are going to discuss six websites that can inspire you to create the perfect logo for your company.

1. Behance

Behance.net is a very popular website where projects are featured on the websites by the curators.

Every day the number of artists in the behance.net is increasing at an exponential rate since they want their people to create a stunning design without having any flaws.

Being a new logo designer you can show the portfolio of the reputed web designers and learn more about the unique concept.

You can also browse projects in terms of category and this is by far the most effective way to get unique ideas for your logo.

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However, you might not get the exact idea to create your logo but still, you can learn lots of cool tricks that can help you to create the perfect design.

2. ArtStation

ArttStation deals with futuristic designs and you can browse through thousands of high-quality artwork without spending a dime.

The professional artist related to the gaming industry is continuously updating their portfolio to see the attention of the employers.

Some of them are using this platform to sell their hard work. By accessing the ArtStation platform you will get the unique opportunity to improve your designing concept. Most of the time, the new designers don’t have enough experience to create the perfect logo for the originations.

Just by seeing the different images of ArtStation they can get an idea of how the futuristic design might look like.

Most importantly they will know a lot about the vibrant color that can make an image look stunning.

3. Dribbble

Dribbble is an excellent example where you can browse thousands of artwork without getting access to the full-size image. The elite class Wix Logo designers often visit this site to see the trending artwork in the online market place.

Things might be a little bit complicated since you will not get access to the full-size image unless you pay for it. However, this is done to limit the free use of the hard work of the other curates.

The experts never copy the image rather they take some unique ideas to create the logo.

Develop the habit of visiting the Dribbble site regularly and you see significant improvement in your artwork especially when it comes to logo designing.

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4. 500px

500px is a strong community for photographers where they can share their hard work. Most of the time the photographers post unique images with a strong story behind their hard work.

The professional designers and logo artists regularly visit such sites to collect unique concepts and get their work done with the new elegant concept.

Some of you might think the logo designers have nothing to learn from this website. But if you want to build your brand identity, you need to think differently.

By seeing the different images of the photographers, you will get a unique idea to create stunning logos that can convey a powerful message to potential clients.

Things might be a little bit hard at the initial stage but if you browse some image, it won’t take much time to get a unique concept.

Work smart so that you can become an efficient designer in this industry.

5. Squarespace

Squarespace is a strong designer community that allows the designers to create a stunning project. Every day new projects are being added to the websites for the retail clients.

Since they are many active contributors you can easily learn lots of new things from the professionals. Those who are designing regularly are most likely to be an active member of the Squarespace community.

You need to keep yourself in touch with the professional designers so that you can always create the best product when it comes to designing. Never think you can create a stunning logo without exploring the details of other expert’s artwork.

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You have to think smart and develop a habit of learning from skilled designers. Try to be skilled designers so that no one can question the quality of your work. Work smart and take inspiration from the other artist in your industry.

6. DeviantArt

DeviantArt is a brand name when it comes to sketches, artwork, comic and other creative work. Many professionals often explore the DeviantArt platform before they start working on a new project.

If you explore different images from different artists, you are going to get a clear overview of the logo industry.

Most importantly you will be able to create trending designs that will suit the industry requirements. Some of you might think getting inspiration ideas from the popular website makes the logo less attractive.

But if this was so, no one would have joined the community of the artist. You need to think optimistically and only then you will be able to create the best possible logo for your clients.

And make sure you study the industry before you start working on a new project. The more you will learn the better design you will make in this market.


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