8 Tips To Design Eye Catching Posters Yourself 1

8 Tips To Design Eye Catching Posters Yourself

Posters are an instrumental tool to get noticed, to deliver a powerful message in the most artistic way, that will get maximum engagement. It’s the best way to catch the eye of your consumer with either a simple text-based poster or a poster that has photos and intricate design and short but hard-hitting text. There are also posters that just have images but these images are so deep and impact people too much.

8 Tips To Design Eye Catching Posters Yourself 2

We all had posters when we were young in our room, and even today you might have motivational posters with quotes hanging around. They are creative, bold and are a means to evoke so many emotions from a person, sometimes it’s the best way to let your thought known.

But if they are not made in a manner that impacts the emotion of the audience, it will never fulfill its purpose. Thus, knowledge about your audience and your service/product and other factors are  critical while designing them.

Here are tips to create eye-catching posters:

  1. Color for energy and attracting

Color plays an important role in evoking a response from the viewers. The poster’s color should be such that it attracts the eye of the consumer and energizes them to give a response and spread the message further.

The color of the poster should be according to its subject, it can be bold, subtle, solid or romantic.

  1. Less is more

It’s important to use fewer tools while designing a poster, all the tools if used will just be overwhelming. According to the subject of the poster, select few essential tools and use them in a balanced way to create your posters. Use little color or messages and simple form, even the message should be short, simple and powerful. These types of posters have a better chance of being remembered.

  1. Fonts should be chosen carefully
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Words have a deep impact on everyone and sometimes words are the only thing you need. But posters that just have text to convey a strong message needs not only to have good text but amazing, eye-catching font too.  Experiment with typography- use bolder text and text colors and wider font. A simple tagline for your service written in a good font is enough marketing so use the varieties of font mixing tool. But remember that the font you use should be readable and visible to people, also when using 2 fonts make sure that they are not too similar.

  1. Keep in mind the distance, height, and length of the poster

The posters you make needs to be visible from far but also from every angle too.  Apply the rule of fives so that the impact of the poster is visible from every distance. It should be balanced such that from far, the main message is delivered but when looked closely apart from the message other important details are noticed too.

The ideal measurements for a poster are 50 yards, 5 meters, and 5 inches.

  1. White space works well too

Sometimes having a poster with just one word, one illustration or one photo is enough for creating a remembering effect on people. In such cases whatever medium is used to convey the message should be hard-hitting. The rest of poster can be left blank in a single bold color, known as white space. For simple yet powerful designs white space works well.

  1. Templates to the rescue

If you are not well-versed in making a poster, don’t fret, as there are many templates that are free online. Just use them to make your posters, use the one that meets your need and use the variety of tools at your disposal and have fun while making something ecstatic.

  1. Have a focus point
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When using photos in a poster, give one focus point to it for more drama and appeal. Like, have photos that go in and out of focus or crop a certain image to a tight point for more focus. It shows the important feature of the image and let people know the focus of the whole message whether it be intrigue, romance or some social message.

  1. Humor in posters is great

Don’t be afraid to use humor is posters, it can be sued for something that is actually funny or black or sarcastic humor can be used to point out some flaws and irony in the society. Don’t use humor for serious subjects but otherwise, it is a great way to make the viewer curious.


Lastly, for those who are not so good with DIY, can try Canva poster maker tool which is absolutely free and easy to use. But whichever way you want your posters to be designed, make sure to follow these tips. Hope these tips helps you to make an amazing and catchy poster in the future.

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