6 Best Question and Answer (QnA) Websites in 2020

6 Best Question and Answer (QnA) Websites in 2021

​There are few times when you don’t have answer to your question and you end up searching on Google about What are the best sites to ask questions?

But sometimes, Google doesn’t have the proper answer that you are looking for. Then you are need of a genuine expert answer from someone on the internet.

Then you end asking yourself, What are some good Q&A sites?

​For this kind of ​problems, QnA Websites exists. That’s why Question and Answer websites are becoming popular day by day as they provide reliable and accurate information.

Fortunately there are sites out there that will help in finding experts in various fields. Herein find some best sites where you can ask questions and get answers from real people online.

In this post, we discussed about Best Question and Answer Sites in 2020​; Which ​you can consider as Best Yahoo Answers alternatives or Quora alternatives.

​How do you ask questions on an answering site?

​Asking questions on QnA Website is not a rocket science. You just need to create a user account and complete your profile so that It look genuine to the users on the QnA website that you will be using.

​After that, check for the category in which you want to ask your question. Then goto the “Ask A Question” page and enter the details as requested related to your question and submit.

Then after the approval from moderator, You will be seeing your question live on the website. and people then start responding to your question. There are few websites like Quora, which allows you to request people to answer on your question.

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​List of Best Question and Answer Sites in 2020


​Ask.com is one of the popular websites which is meant for people to post their questions online and get the query clarified by anyone. 

Formerly known as Ask Jeeves, the website was founded in 1996, the website is intended to provide answers to the questions in a simple language.


Answerbag is a collaborative online database of FAQs, where questions are asked and answered by users.

Instead of the one question—one answer model, multiple answers to a given question are presented, in descending order of user ratings.

As of December 2006, Answerbag was the second largest social Q&A site next to Yahoo! Answers.

​You can Ask questions on any topic, get real answers from real people. Have a question? Ask it. Know an answer? Share it.


​Quora is a site where people post answers to your questions.

It also allows you to follow Topics, People, and specific Questions, which is great for keeping up with trends and questions that you never ran into yet.

Its advantage lies in its community of reputable experts.

​if the user wants to skip the signup, they can signup using Google or Facebook logins. After the login is done, the user is required to select the interest from a list of topics displayed in the page.


​The homepage section of the website provides a host of exciting features which attracts the users to stick to this website.

There are broad categories where the users can answer the questions. If you are willing to answer a question, just click on the unanswered questions link and start answering them.

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​Yahoo Answers!

​The most popular community Q&A powered site with millions of users and thousands of questions asked and answered every day.

Statistically, it’s quite probable that you’ll find a good answer to a question — although you may have to through a few series and threads of questions and discussions before you run into something you find credible.

Blurt it

​You can also browse through questions in various categories and browse through the Q&A’s posted by other people.

The question and answer site designed to help people, to help each other: To ask, to learn, to share, to grow.

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