15 Best Sites Like Quora

This article will help you to know about the best QnA forums sites like Quora you can use alternatively.

Let’s start with, How many times a day do you ask Google about things that interest you?

Such as, What is the new Tesla car, when will be the presentation of new Apple products, and how many dollars Bitcoin costs today — anything can appear on your mind.

And most probably, the first answer you’ll see on the internet is the one published by Quora. That’s because of the high relevance of the answers and keywords used by the site. 

Today, Quora is a massive Q&A forum and source of information. At the moment of the last user base update, in 2018, it had 300 million monthly active users

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But wait, this is not the only site to seek knowledge and expert answers. There are plenty of others where you can get the opinion of specialists in the field. 

sites like quora
Sites like Quora

Best Q&A forums like Quora


One of the reasons people love using Reddit is that the platform allows sharing videos, links, texts, and images. So customers can pick the most suitable way to discuss the topic and explain a situation. 

The site is also famous for Ask Me Anything, also known as the AMA section. There you can ask questions about a crypto company, the team, and the technology behind the product. 

Stack Overflow

Initially, it was a Q&A site for computer programmers. Nowadays, together with Stack Exchange, it is a network of sites covering different topics. And it has a reputation awards process.

If you’re looking for technical nerds to answer your questions about computer programing, blockchain, and other digital things with all the related details, then this forum is just for you. What’s more, you can request a solution to your problem.



Blurtit is a Q&A forum from the pioneers camp, and It was created in 2006 to help everyday internet users find answers to their questions by the actual human.

For that time, questions had tons of keywords that led to long-tail internet search queries among limited resources. So Blurbit covered tons of different subjects, starting from social life to technical innovations. 

Experts Exchange

This site will give you answers to tech questions and issues of any kind. Everyday users and those who build careers in the IT-sphere can boost their knowledge of technologies to an entirely new level.

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You can join one of the communities that interest you most, get assistance via live chat, and even find freelancers for your tech queries. 


Since 1992 ProfNet has been connecting journalists and experts in different fields. The forum makes you quickly and easily find a professional opinion on the topic that interests you. 

Queries don’t sit in a queue; they are delivered throughout the day. You can also apply institution type, geographic location, and other filters to get more relevant responses and reduce the searching time.

Educational articles forums like Quora


If you’re looking for a place to read interesting articles written by experts, Medium is what you were looking for. To make their site attractive for customers of different needs, Medium focuses on content quality, so you spend more and more time jumping from one page to another.

Besides, if you are a writer and want to share your thoughts with millions of people, you can publish your works here. 


It is one of the best platforms for writers and knowledge-seekers. It offers a set of convenient and advanced tools and resources to help create outstanding articles and find your audience. With HubPages, you can even earn ad revenues.

The site also allows users to participate in forums on specific topics, post questions and answers. You can find explanatory articles and ultimate guides on different topics or just enjoy reading unique articles of inspired writers. 


This site is a digital assistant for students and teachers. eNotes specializes in educational plans, study tutorials, and literary criticisms of tons of books.

The most exciting feature is probably the active homework help portal. Students can ask their academic questions and get answers from professors and specialists in their fields. 


Forbes is a famous media company with years of experience in the field of publishing. They primarily focus on ​​business, entrepreneurship, investing, technology, and leadership.

However, you can find tons of high-quality materials and opinions from different experts. The site uses a contributor model in which participants can publish articles right on the website and get paid based on traffic


Thoughtco claims to be a premier reference site focus on educational content created by experts. They meticulously check the articles and every described fact and require writers to support all statements with reputable sources.

The source provides guides, tips, and educational materials to study any subject and discover any topic of your interest. 

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News portals similar to Quora


Delivering the news directly to your smartphone is not the only thing why people like this app. Probably the best side of the News360 is that it is personalized. Having it on your mobile device, you’re always on top of global tendencies. And no spam — you get the news on the topics that matter for you. 


The distinguish option of this site that most users like is that Digg delivers only top-read news. Digg is also a social network, and users can interchange their ideas online.

You can search news by the topic, see the most buzzing images and watch top-discussing videos. Also, you can keep the exciting articles and share them on your social network pages. 


The name says by itself. Pocket is a service for keeping content for reading it later. Like you put something into your Pocket. Still, this is an excellent app to find the most reads and buzzing news.

Besides, this is a cross-platform service meaning you can use it on your desktop and mobile apps. What is also convenient, you can organize your saved articles using tags and the Favourite category. 

Reuters News

Reuters News is a global resource of news covering different spheres of our life. They offer a personalized app to gather the most exciting topics for you 24/7. And they have alerts for breaking news. 

Reuters News also offers a personal market watchlist with stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities analysis. What’s more, you can read relevant local stories. 


Probably the best resource to follow the blockchain and cryptocurrency news. With the Cointelegraph app, you can get new market analytics every day, study the industry, and be on top of its latest trends.

Cointelegraph app also offers price alerts on significant changes in the most popular markets. By the way, if you decide to buy Litecoin instantly, you can do that easily by paying with your card on the CEX.IO site. The Good thing is that Cointelegraph is a regulated global crypto exchange and an ecosystem of crypto-related services. 

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