How to Get Remote Access

Computing and completing your taxes is not an easy task. Indeed, you have calculators and softwares that can help you with the process, but you might still have doubts about completing your taxes properly. This is where remote access provides you with a lot of help.

Glance Intuit is a reliable screen-sharing tool that helps you share your screen with a tax expert from Intuit. You can also use this application for TurboTax Help as well as for technical assistance.

If you are not familiar with using it, we will show how to use Glance intuit in this article. Firstly, let’s know more about Glance Intuit.

What is Glance Intuit?

Glance Intuit, commonly referred to as remote access, is popular screen-sharing software. With the help of this website, you can remotely share your screen for Tax and Quickbooks Help that Intuit offers. Intuit uses the help of the Glance Guest software suite to help customers use this software.

In addition, if you are facing trouble computing and completing your taxes with the help of Turbotax, you can download the Glance software to aid you.

Apart from the commoner, many business owners and tax professionals also use this website. All you have to do is use the remote access website, which helps set up a support session. As mentioned, help is also offered with the help of Quickbooks.

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Does Intuit use Glance?

Intuit uses the help of Glance. To be precise, Intuit uses the Cobrowse, Screen Share, Mobile App Sharing, and Agent Video software from Glance. These softwares allow customers to interact with tax experts from Intuit with the help of an app. Moreover, you can also share your TurboTax app screen or browser window with the help of the software from Glance.

Not only does Glance take care of Intuit’s privacy and security requirements, but it is also able to handle the massive traffic, especially during the tax season. If you decide to use Glance Intuit, you will find that their platform is lag-free and responds very quickly.

Recently, Intuit launched Smartlook. This platform aims to help businesses by connecting experts and customers on the same page. The one-way video quickly helps taxpayers connect with TurboTax experts.  

How to use Glance Intuit?

To use the features provided by Glance Intuit, you need to first download the Glance Intuit Remote Access Software.

Quickbooks Help

Firstly, type in the search box of your web browser. You can also visit The download begins.

Once the download is complete, you can open the download. You will be directed through a series of steps that will help you install the software on your PC. for Mac also works very well.

How to Get Remote Access 1

Once the installation is complete, you can start the software. When the software is able to establish a connection, you get a 5-digit access code from Intuit.

How to Get Remote Access 3

Enter the code.

The join session begins when the agent on the other side of the connection enters the code on their end. You can now freely converse with a tax expert from Intuit.

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TurboTax Help

As we have mentioned earlier, you can use Glance Intuit for TurboTax help as well.

First, go to the site Like with, the download will commence almost immediately. Once the file with the .exe extension is downloaded, open it. Your device will walk you through the installation process. Once the software is set up, you can open it.

Then, follow the onscreen prompts, which will help you set up a remote screen-sharing connection with an agent from Intuit.

How to Get Remote Access 5 Download is not working

It is possible that in few cases, the download may not start. If you are facing the same issue, try refreshing the page. This fix gets rid of the problem usually, and the download will commence.

If you are still facing issues, try opening the site on a different internet browser. Also, ensure that you have a stable network connection. Lastly, ensure that your Network Provider or VPN (if you use one) hasn’t blocked downloads from Glance websites.

Is safe?

Like with any other software, you must wonder whether the Glance Intuit software is safe. Rest assured, it is a very secure website. When you share your screen, a tax expert from Intuit is the only person who views your screen. In addition, the remote connection between you and the representative from Intuit is very secure.

Glance Intuit uses two-factor authentication for a secure connection. First, you have to log in to Glance software. Then, you have to request a connection with a person from Intuit.

Once this connection is approved, a get code is provided, using which you can connect to the representative from Intuit. Moreover, you will notice that if you type; you automatically get redirected to the safer ‘.net’ extension of their website.

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Above listed way is the simplest, quickest, and most reliable way to get remote access on your device. It will surely help you in getting the visual assistance or guidance you need for paying tax as well as other technical aspects.

Let us know how useful the article proved to be in the comment section. Also, let us know your experience with remote access.

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