Essential Tools for a Successful Remote Worker

5 Best Tools for a Successful Remote Worker

5 Best Tools for a Successful Remote Worker 1

Remote working offers a lot of flexibility to business and its employees.

However, along with flexibility, there are some evident bottlenecks that cannot be ignored with remote functionality.

These issues are certainly like lack of supervision, unavailability of technological support, infrastructural limitations can come up with remote working.

They can create issues in the proper conduct of work. It becomes a constant struggle to keep the motivation levels up despite the challenges.

Here is where the remote working tools come forward for rescue.

A lot of tools and manageable shortcuts can come handy in case of resource restrictions. These tools can serve great advantages and act as catalysts for good performance.

It is easier to work on such tools by virtue of their efficiency and simplicity.

They totally substitute for the real and actual resources in such testing times. You can’t always come up with one excuse or the other for not having done your work on time.

So these 5 essential tools will assist you in your transformation to becoming an immensely successful remote worker:

Calling Facility

Communication is the key for one’s conduct in a remote environment.

Especially in roles that require a lot of call answering and client query attending, having flexibility in the calling system is essential. 

Business phones are premise-based, so does that mean that remote working is bottlenecked due to the immovability of the office premise?

No. You can head directly to WeNumber to know the answer. 

You would find it surprising that 0333 number charges from WeNumber cost much less than other sources.

These codes offer calling flexibility to roles that have attending calls an integral part of their work.


The calls can be forwarded and redirected; hence they offer to be great substitutes for traditional lines.

When seeking a business phone number, giving due consideration to the calling code and number is important.

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With a well strategized code purchase, this code also works well in crisis situations with call forwarding options.

Instead of curbing the very essential mode of communication, it can be redirected efficiently to the concerned personnel’s mobile or landline.

When engaging in purchase of an efficient tool like codes and numbers, you will get the best offers and competitive prices from WeNumber.

The icing on the cake is that you get to choose your desired code and numeric number as well.

Why go by chance when you can go by choice?

Mobile Data and Hotspot

The Internet is the backbone of our operation.

If there is no internet, you can’t even justify working, let alone proving your mettle.

Blessed are those who have stability in their lives by virtue of stability on the internet.

For those whose world is going upside down with their internet connectivity, mobile hotspot is an active solution.

In situations where your internet does not commensurate with the requirement, you can use your mobile data through a hotspot.

Every smartphone has a hotspot option wherein you can share the mobile data on other devices.

As this tool is essentially dependent upon your mobile data plan, make sure your phone is backed up with data plans. 

You can find this feature in the phone’s settings.

This feature is referred to as Personal Hotspot on iOS (iPhone) and Mobile Hotspot on Android phones.

This serves as a good rescue tool while you are trying to rectify your internet outage.

Screen Sharing Softwares

Sometimes our words and explanations do not convey things as we want them to.

There is always a sense of ambiguity in what we say and what we mean.

To curb this issue and to be sure of what is being conveyed, screen sharing tools are great rescuers. 

For instance, a non IT person might not be able to follow troubleshooting instructions on the phone with efficiency.

This can waste a lot of minutes, hours and even days.

Therefore, screen sharing can allow IT experts to deal with and rectify the issue directly.

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For critical matters and to save time, screen sharing software ensures a lot of convenience and efficiency.

Instead of calling and explaining the conduct, the matters can be taken into consideration by the subject matter expert itself.

Automates email search, LinkedIn outreach, personal emails, and calls.

No credit card required

Video Conference Apps

It is a known fact the lack of physical interface in remote working can hamper a lot of work relationships.

But, these relationships can sustain and a virtual meet can be arranged through video conferencing applications. 

These applications ensure a lot of people can get together virtually at the same time.

In a team outing, team meeting culture, the camaraderie of the team mustn’t get affected by remote working. 

Events like virtual get togethers, meetings and conferences can render a lot of support in sustenance of the team spirit.

Imagine a scenario where there can be consolidated birthday celebrations virtually. 

Again, imagine a scenario where important announcements are made on video conference calls than just emails.

Video conferencing apps make all that possible.

Sometimes, email and other official communication lack the personal touch that speaking directly and collectively has.

Therefore, motivational speeches, important information and other imperative announcements can be given collectively through video conferences.

Not to forget, video conferences also necessitate looking humane in a remote working environment. When there is no supervision or no office to attend, people literally never get out of their pajamas. 

Team Chat Applications

Our teams are not just our work mates but also like friends.

In fact, ideally we spend more awake hours at our workplace than at our homes.

With such great bonding and association, being out of touch because of remote working is a sad phase.

In such a scenario, team spirit is kept alive with the team chat applications.

Thereunder, teams can stay in touch, chat, greet the morning, and tell about their status in real-time.

The emojis and gif compatibility also makes the chatting apps an eventful ride.

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There is no dull moment of a day when the team is constantly in touch.

Checking in on each other, updating about work, joking with each other gives us the right kind of motivation to function.

Teams are an inherent part of our working and no one works in solace.

The team chat apps allow engaging with each other.

The remoteness is negligible when you’re constantly interacting with your workmates. 


Remote working does create some sort of inconvenience with respect to lack of infrastructural facility.

While you don’t have the office pantry or the coffee machine at your disposal, there are also other inedible bottlenecks that can curb your efficiency.

To cover up for the risk of lowered efficiency, there must be tools and software installations that can help people function without the workplace infrastructural support.

With the advancement of technology, such tools are made available and have gained immediate popularity.

Calling tools can be channelled directly to WeNumber.

You can make a comparison on 0333 number charges from WeNumber as compared to other platforms.

The prices are competitive, plans are comparative and choice of number is also available. 

There are other video tools, chatting tools and even internet backup tools that can make remote working convenient.

To be an efficient remote worker, these tools must be in place to make sure your work is not hampered in any circumstance.

The tools also allow staying connected with the work and the team.

They help in better streamlining of the work, efficient communication with colleagues, and keeping the work camaraderie alive.

If you are essentially equipped; there will be no such thing as remote working!

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