10 Tips For Marketing Your Brand on Instagram

Instagram has all the privileges a social media platform can offer.

In the modern world, it’s not easy for any new entrant to enter the social media scene, where lots of established platforms are already present.

But hats off to Instagram for fighting its way up to become one of the most popular media of modern times.

10 Tips For Marketing Your Brand on Instagram 1

Starting as a subsidiary media under Facebook, it quickly rose higher in popularity by being unique & creative.

Nowadays, almost half the number of Facebook users have an Instagram account too. And to the Gen Z, it’s even more attractive than Facebook.

So, considering all these points, the use of Instagram for business and marketing provides an excellent opportunity for many brands.

Social media has dramatically enhanced the norm of online shopping.

So, you obviously don’t want your brand to be left out of this fantastic opportunity.

Here are 10 tips for marketing your brand on Instagram-

1. Establish Instagram Marketing Goals

First of all, a strategic approach should be taken about how to use Instagram for your particular business interest.

The ideas need to be unique because, on Instagram, everything circulates through photos & videos & clippings.

So, the content you share must be enticing to people. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that people between 18-45 years old are the core users of Instagram. So, keeping in mind the niche’s demand, a strategy has to be invented.

2. Refine Your Instagram Niche

Unlike Facebook, Instagram has this huge advantage of choosing its own type of audience, and you can even buy Instagram followers. This may work like a charm for startup investors.

The idea of targeting a specific range of people is like new dawn to those who would be sweating hard to find their niche efficiently.

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Thus, categorizing the targeted people will definitely boost up in implementing a perfect strategy. Like, if a company is all about women accessories, they can just simply filter the gender & age and retain their original goal along with omitting the unwanted type of people.

3. Plan The Instagram Marketing Budget

Truth be told, the world is moving fast. To keep up with this modern digitalized world, quick & smart decisions have to be made.

10 Tips For Marketing Your Brand on Instagram 3

Looking at the popularity of Instagram, it seems like it will be fatuous not to use this opportunity.

Marketing is a lot easier on Instagram since there is a dedicated section for marketing. Instagram offers mainly two types of advertising facilities.

One is a daily budget, & the other one is a lifetime budget.

A daily budget lets ads float on Instagram for a day at a specific time chosen by the company itself. On the other hand, a lifetime budget lets ads float for many days, many times a day, & even the timing of these ads can be decided by the company.

It comes at a higher price compared to Facebook.

But it’s a long-term approach. If one is intelligent enough to see how it’s going to impact the audience, the pricing shouldn’t matter. But for initial starters, nonetheless, the daily budget should suit.

4. Be Consistent With Brand Presence

Besides putting ads on Instagram, the target audience should be kept attracted to the company. Otherwise, the whole expense will be worthless.

Consistent posting will keep the people updated about all the business approaches, and that should be the goal of a brand.

Remember that over posting is not appreciated at all by the people. It even results in oddity & tarnishes the brand’s image.

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5. Use Consistent List Of Hashtags

Hashtags are essential on Instagram. The hashtags are searched by people, and eventually, people tend to follow their source.

Thus, if a meaningful hashtag is used, it will ultimately attract more people to your feed, resulting in increased popularity. So, create your own unique hashtag & keep using it.

Remember to use relevant hashtags, and don’t spam Instagram of your customers. Keep it to a level of 4-5 hashtags per post.

6. Keep A Regular Posting Schedule

The advantage of using Instagram ads is that it will allow you to choose your desired time of posting ads. A survey shows that most ads are seen between 8:00-9:00 a.m. & after 2:00 a.m.

That means people do check Instagram after going to bed & even after waking up.

So, an astute approach will surely help in reaching out to your targeted audience.

7. Partner with A Good Cause Relevant To Your Brand

This one is a strategic approach. The one thing that attracts the most number of customers is goodwill. The main purpose of business on Instagram is to reach out to people.

So, partnering with someone who shares your belief & purpose is an excellent way to promote your brand. Investing in a good influencer can be highly beneficial. This way, your audience will also be able to connect with you and your brand.

8. Relate Followers While Staying On Point

It’s a tactical approach that will engage the followers with the brand & will also leave them craving for if they don’t get updates.

That means a strategy has to be formed by which followers will be directly in touch with the brand’s latest info & then again will come back by themselves to search for more. Also, keep in mind that excessive posting will only jeopardize the cause.

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9. Find Your Zing

The whole thing of promoting business will be meaningless if you don’t trust yourself.

So along with the sense of trust in yourself, you also need to create a unique idea about your business, which will keep the audience humming about your brand.

10. Interact With Others To Grow Instagram Following

As a newcomer into the Instagram business, it has to be kept in mind that the audience won’t respond if proper interactions are not offered.

That means the people also expect you to prioritize them as much as they are giving you.

That doesn’t mean only giving offers or discounts. It also means doing what they are doing. They are seeing your posts and commenting on them.

So what you have to do is be responsive. Engage in one on one communication with them.

Try to dedicate some time to your audience.

The more interactive you are, the more crowd will be on your page, & the more news it will spread. So, appreciate others by being responsive to their tags, messages, and mentions.

Final thoughts

It is going to take some time to get your brand noticed on Instagram, but try to consider the above tips and always focus on visual aesthetics.

Visual aesthetics and the right content can do wonders for your band.

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