5 Easy Questions To Help You Find Your Ideal Facebook Customers

Do you want to find on Facebook exactly those people who are 99% interested in your offer?

Finding them here for social media marketing is simple, but the most important thing is to clearly understand who you are looking for. Then, thanks to social network No. 1, you can easily reach them.

Let’s do a little research. It will help determine who you are looking for and how best to attract the attention of these people. To get the most reliable results, I propose to answer in detail 5 questions about people you want to see among your customers.

  1. What unites your ideal customers?

For the answer you need to make the most accurate description of the customer. That’s what marketers call an abstract customer who is already looking for you.

This step is an important element in the success of any marketing strategy. It doesn’t matter where you are doing business offline or online. You need to literally see in front of you a person who is already ready to buy from you.

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To find it, answer the following questions:

  • Is your buyer a man or woman? If your products are designed for both the first and second, write about a percentage. Suppose so: 80% of women, 20% of men.
  • How old is your ideal customer? It can be a large age range, so it is better to break it into decades. If these are people between the ages of 25 and 55, you will end up like this: 25-35, 36-45, and 46-55.
  • What territory do they live in? Here you focus on the geography of delivery, which is comfortable for you. If you work only with residents of your city, write it down. If you are ready to organize mailing all over the world, also fix this moment.
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By creating a portrait of an ideal client, you can add to the list of questions and make your specific notes.

You can get several portraits, united by certain characteristics.

So, you need to describe them all and at the same time arrange them in order of priority for you.

After all, it is quite logical that it will be more interesting for you to work, for example, with more solvent customers.


This is what you should get after such work. As an example, I will give a description of one of the portraits of the target audience of the project.

Using this description, we separate a large layer of Facebook users that fits this description. Now, making publications that are useful to this group of people, you can customize the promotion just for it.

When composing all possible portraits of your target audience, save them. What for?

Because over time, you may need to tweak these descriptions.

When you start selling or see the first response to your posts, you will have a more complete picture of the people who are attracted to your offer.

  • When does your target audience visit Facebook?

Lifestyle, interests and habits largely determine how, why, and when people of interest to you use social networks. When you understand the factors that influence your online stay, you can more efficiently set up publications to post just when most of your target audience is on the site.

If your clients have the main job, then most likely they will be online in the morning while drinking coffee, at lunchtime and in the evening after work. Perhaps they will stop by for a couple of minutes throughout the day during short breaks.

  • What will make your potential customers contact you?
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You yourself know your business, your products and yourself personally. But the target audience may have a lot of questions for you. Plus, she has certain goals, dreams and even problems that your products can surely solve. But the client has no idea about this yet.

If you want to push people to contact you, then you should dig deeper to figure out what is important for your potential customers.

Think about this:

  • What are the fears of your potential buyers?
  • What problems bother them?
  • What do they want to achieve?
  • What is your potential client dreaming about?

So you better understand the people you will sell. And also find out what motivates them, where in their head is the “secret button”, by clicking which you can push to act.

  • Where are your potential customers looking for answers to their questions?

This can be a search on Facebook, a search engine or well-defined resources where useful content is published. Regardless of which platform your potential customers use, you better be there and preferably at the forefront.

When you know what resources your audience uses, you can just catch her eye at the right time. Understanding what your Facebook audience is doing, what communities it monitors, you can simply advertise on the right sites.

Understanding where your ideal customers go for more information will help you place useful content in these places.

When people understand that you understand the issue and can come in handy, they will pay attention to you and begin to follow your news. From here and get into the funnel for long.

  • Who influences the opinion of your potential customers?
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Surely, there are people whose opinions your potential buyers are listening to. This may be some kind of expert or a popular person.

  • Do you know who these people are?
  • Can you make contact with these people and ask them to recommend you?

To find authorities for your target audience, check the hashtags that they track and the pages whose posts they post on their wall. Keep track of whose opinions your potential customers are listening to.

Then start following these people’s news and start interacting with them. For example, comment on posts and discuss content with group members.

So you will attract the attention of people who may be interested in your proposal.

In the end

Such a study is not difficult to carry out, although it can take a lot of time, because several options need to be considered. But it’s better to understand everything once and initially build the work in such a way as to attract precisely those people who are already ready to buy from you.

If you still don’t know who your ideal client is, it’s time to get to know him better.

Answer the proposed 5 questions and you will immediately understand what to do and where to move in order to become noticeable in the social market and sell more.

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