5 Best Ad Networks That Pays The Most to Affiliates

In today’s era, every new blogger looking for an ad network which pays the fruitful results in low cost time. These days the industry introduces many ad networks that found very well for the beginners. Here’s the list is outlined with 5 best and reliable ad networks. So keep on reading.

RevenueHits- The self service for publishers

Revenuehits is a self service ad network Founded in 2008, that helps publishers using a contextual and geo targeted technology to generate revenues. It assists the publishers to pay on various online assets such as websites, widgets, toolbars and mobile sites and so on.

It is purely Cost per Action (CPA) based advertiser which pays upto 30$ eCPM (Cost per thousand Impressions) with their traffic content such as site content, ads positioning, users behavior and many more. It cost nothing to use this platform as the user simply signup and start earning without paying single penny.

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Easy Design & Interface

If you are the new user on revenue hits website, than there is nothing to worry to proceed. Just simply proceed with the login process to the website. It is as simple to walking on a piece of cake. Once logged in, the beautifully designed dashboard is just waiting for you.

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Once you get in, click on new placement tab and it redirects you to make your first ad.

Some Restrictions the publisher should follow while working with Revenue Hits

  1. The publisher should avoid placing such tags that haven’t been approved by revenuehits.com.
  2. The publisher should avoid copying the network tags or creative’s for a purpose other than performance of agreement.
  3. The publisher shall not place network tags on blank web pages.
  4. Images loaded from different locations will not count any payment.

 Bidvertiser- Pay Per Click Ads

The BidvertiserBid per click was founded in 2003, offer the owners of websites to sell the ad space on the website to the highest amount bidder, on a pay per click basis. The advertiser can place the ads on their websites and pay only when the visitor clicks through their website.

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The bidvertiser also even pay $20 for just signup as a publisher or as an advertiser. Apart from this, the bidvertiser also offers a conversion bonus if any of the clicks turn into valid leads by filling up the contact form. Another feature provided by Bidvertiser is the customized toolbar that generates revenue when visitors use the toolbar for searching.

Bidvertiser Pays the advertiser on a 15 days basis, as they have lowest payout of $10 via paypal and $50 through check.The Referral program of Bidvertiser is the transparent program that pays higher payouts such as if an advertiser signup through your referral link and spent $10 first that you can get $5. When the same returning visitor spends $50 than $20 will be credited on your side.


On the other side if an publisher signup through your referral link and first earns $10, than you will get $10. When the same publisher earns $50 than the amount of $40 will be credited in your account.

Viglink- Content Driven Commerce

Viglink founded in  2009, that automatically connects consumers to products by making hyperlinks on particular keywords, value is created. It scans a particular webpage for words that could become profitable to the publisher and connects those keywords with an affiliate program. The publisher gets paid when a reader clicks on the link contained in the content.

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Viglink offers-viglink convert that operates by using javascript library which could be installed by the customers on website to identify all potential links. The other service named as NLP powered link insertion solution, to automatically insert links into publisher’s website. The newest service offered by viglink is anywhere service that allow social media users to monetize links shared on twitter, instagram, facebook and so on.

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PopAds- Smart Ad Network

PopAds is the smart Ad simple advertising network for website owners; new bloggers provides you the cost per view (CPV) based payment method, means they pay you for visitors. PopAds accept all types of website traffic including spam sites, sub-domain sites and so on. PopAds pay their publishers on the daily basis via paypal and payoneer.

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PopAds doesn’t require minimum traffic, it accepts worldwide traffic. It provides minimum payout of $5 and high CPM rate. Some demerits of PopAds are also come in scene as sometimes the ads aren’t relevant to the subject and generally annoy the visitors.

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Infolinks- Innovative Ads

Infolinks is the third largest advertising marketplace of websites, runs ad units on a keyword based real time bidding auction to deliver a perfect Ad. It introduces the less prevalent ad units that integrated into the website’s content easily. It provides simple interface that it takes less than one minute to implement this technology; just simply copy the HTML code, paste it at the end of your HTML source code, and Infolinks starts serving their ads on that webpage immediately.

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Infolinks is an unique alternative to traditional display advertising as the best aspect of its ease of implementation. It offers four types of ad units for publishers to implement on their websites.

First is the inText ad unit that is default unit and is activated upon signup to website. This ad unit highlights the words present on webpage and monetizes them. Second is the inFrame ads are generated automatically from left to right sides of the browser window soon after webpage is loaded. Another is the inSearch ads are appeared for visitors that are arrived via search engine. Last one is the inTag ads that appear as keywords, when clicked take the user directly to landing page.




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Harinder Kaur has completed her M.tech in Computer Sc. & engg. from Kurukshetra University. She has done research on Mobile ad hoc networks as project fellow at SMVD university. She is currently working on her new startup dealorcoupons.com

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