Top 6 Ways to Rank on First Page of Google, Bing without a Single Backlink

Many marketers & seo’s daily thought when they are seeing their organic traffic, How to rank on first page of Google? And when it comes to put some efforts in creating quality back-links then your pain will increase to rank on Google, Bing first page to increase their organic traffic. As you already know, now a days their are many google tools who will growth hack and suggest you how to generate links for your website to increase traffic. but if don’t want to spend your time on creating back-links and buying back-links ( which is not a good idea according to google webmaster guidelines).

So let’s follow the other & very simple ways which helps you how to increase traffic and rank your website on top page of Google, Bing with zero back-links then follow the below tried & tested method : –

1 . Follow Google’s quality webmaster guidelines

This is the first and most important factor to consider if your quest is to be on their search engine results first page.

Bloggers, webmasters that go against the set rules of Google will never rank and outperform those that adhere strictly to their quality guidelines. Please check out: Google’s webmaster Guidelines.

There are many question that webmasters used to search in google to find the answer of their question. some of them are :

  • Rank Without Backlinks.
  • How to Rank with Less Links.
  • Can You Rank in Google Without Links.
  • How Many Backlinks We need To Rank on the 1st Page of Google.
  • Where Do I Rank on Google.
  • How to Rank First Page on Google With Zero Link Building
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2 . Google Trends

Work On Google Trends & try to find the best topic with top trending searches related to your business keywords..Write Post about trending topic and then you will see your blog automatically rank in Search Engine. This blog of your’s will surely drive traffic to your site or blog without a single backlink.

Working with Google Trends

When performing a search on Google Trends, you have the option to set four variables or parameters (default shown in bold):

  • Web Search – Image search – News Search – Product Search – YouTube Search
  • Worldwide – Option to choose a specific Country
  • 2004-Present – Past 7 Days – 30 Days – 90 Days – 12 Months- Choose a Year
  • All Categories – Arts & Entertainment – Autos & Vehicles – Beauty & fitness – Books & literature – Business & industrial – Computers & electronics – Finance – Food & drink – Games

You can compare up to five search terms or groupings at one time, with up to 25 search terms in each grouping.


3- Make use of Long tail keywords

Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable, and high return activities in the search marketing field. Ranking for the right keywords can make or break your website. By researching your market’s keyword demand, you can not only learn which terms and phrases to target with SEO. Long Tail of Keywords are in demand & they can help you to rank in Google without a single backlink.

Image result for Make use of keywords

4. Speed and load time of your website –

few months back, the Google webmaster team indicated that they will start ranking websites based on page loading time. Websites which take ages to load slow down the entire internet and Google is considering this factor seriously.Google will also consider page load time as one of the biggest factors for your website’s search engine ranking. You can check website speed here.

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Image result for Speed and load time of your website

5. Write great content with niche topic

original content goes a long way with Google and your visitors. Copying other people’s content will result in a punishment from Google, which can crush your bottom line.

Some important points you should keep in mind while write a great piece of content :

  • Always Focus On Creating Strong Headlines
  • 80% of people will read your headlines.
  • 20% of those people will read the rest of your content.
  • Research your post well.
  • Make Your Content Actionable
  • Create Engaging and Thought Provoking Content
  • Communicate Better by Adding Images and Video

6. Social Signals Affect Your SEO

Danny Sullivan wrote an  insightful piece on social signals and their influence on search engine rankings. The article explored the possibility of social signals affecting rankings, but was early for its time.

I believe that social signals have both a direct and indirect impact on organic search rankings. Direct impact comes from:

    • Number of people that like your brand on Facebook
    • Number of Facebook shares
    • Number of Twitter followers
    • Number of tweets mentioning your brand name or including a link to your website
    • Number of people that “have you in their circles” (Google+)
    • Social signals ranking factors

Indirect impact comes from:

    • Increased inbound links and citations due to improved online visibility/brand awareness
    • Increased positive reviews (in Google Local , Yelp, etc.) due to happier customers
    • Decreased bounce rate, higher time on site, and more repeat visitors to your website

You can also watch this video How to Rank #1 on Google – By Matt Cutts



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