How To Increase Torrent Download Speed (Easy Methods)

Torrent is simply amazing if you want to download something your first preference will always be Torrent because of high speed and excellent connectivity. The unique technology of peer to peer protocol helps Torrent to maintain Downloading speed which is most of the times better than the website which uses the traditional method of the central server.

The method directly optimizes the speed of download regardless the content you’re downloading. Despite maintaining a great downloading speed even Torrent sometimes struggles to maintain speed, the reasons are many, but the most dominant reasons are less number seeders slow internet connection and bad quality trackers. It’s frustrating, and it seriously makes Torrent very annoying and less trustworthy. Now, if there is something wrong then there is always a ways to make it right, and that’s why we’re mostly known.


That’s the problem we’re going to discuss and solve today. I will mention some tweaks out here which can easily tackle the problem and Increase Torrent Download Speed. So stick around till the end of the article. You’re going to learn a lot of cool things today.

6 Tweaks to increase Torrent Download Speed –

  1. Download files with lots of Seeders –

Seeders are the ones who continues to share the file even the downloading is completed. Without them you won’t be able to download even a single file from Torrent. So you have to always check the numbers of seeders involved in the torrent file before Downloading it. The more seeders the file has the more Downloading speed you will witness.

  1. Choose the Right BitTorrent client –

This is one of the dominant reasons for not getting proper speed in Torrent. You need to choose a BitTorrent agent with latest technologies to handle the system of P2P. Always make sure that the client you’re using is compatible with your content and you existing operating system. There are many clients, but the most popular torrent ones are uTorrent, Vuze, BitComet or even BitTorrent client itself. You have to just make a wise decision while choosing any of them.

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  1. Port Forwarding –

Port forwarding is a factor which is commonly ignored by people but is very expensive to ignore. If you are using a router to access the internet in your PC/laptop, then it will help peers to detect/recognize your PC. You can check the port by using the BitTorrent App. Now, you have to check whether the port is open or not to do it open the BitTorrent client, go to the Preferences > Connections and copy the Port number.

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Then Visit this Page and check the port is open or closed. If it’s open then you don’t have to do any changes but if it’s closed then follow the below steps.

  • Again you have to go the connections which is under preference option.
  • Now turn on the UPnP port mapping option.
  1. By adding more trackers –

Well, this is one of the most popular method for this purpose, it generally happens that by mistake we choose an unhealthy torrent which has fewer seeders and trackers and in this method, we are going to increase the trackers.

  • Open the uTorrent App and open the torrent file.
  • Now open the “Info” menu of the file and copy the hash code.


  • Then search the hash code in the Google and download the same file from the different Torrent site which has a decent amount of trackers compare to your current file.
  • Now add the Torrent, the App will show a pop-up showing “You are trying to add the Torrent which already exists” just prompt “Yes”.
  • Within few minutes, the downloading speed will get increased.
  1. Never “Force Start” your Torrent –

I know that you are already aware of this option and most of the Torrent users usually uses this option but in reality, it damages your Torrent files as well as your downloading speed. This option actually ignores the queue and seeding settings. So, its good to sidestep this.

  1. Use Proxy or VPN –


Credit – SaferVPN

Because of a huge controversy of piracy, many ISP service providers had started blocking Torrent sites, and this restricts from accessing and download files, from Torrents but In case you may able to download files but still your ISP will succeed in blocking the download by reducing the downloading speed. To avoid this, you can use any reliable VPN (Virtual Private Network) or Proxy.


They create a different network, and by this your ISP won’t get any idea about your Torrent surfing and downloading. You can use Betternet, Hide My Ass, New Proxy etc for this purpose.

Quick Tips –


  • Remove Unnecessary Files – while downloading any Torrent file, it usually asked you to select files individually. You can remove unnecessary files like sample archive, read me, .txt files etc.
  • Upgrade your internet connection – now you may be thinking, why I am mentioning this silly point but it is worth of. We always select wrong data plans, you should always check the maximum download speed in, and then you should choose the perfect plans according to your consumption.
  • Always use the latest versions of the uTorrent client you are using because the developers work hard to enhance your usabilities.
  • Automatic settingsuTorrent App provides the best settings for maximum download speed by default. To check this, press CTRL+G and run the test than save them.
  • Always download files from high authority Torrent sites because they have many seeders who help them to increase the downloading speed.

Final Verdict –

Finally, I would like to say that all the tips mentioned in the article are the must. If you apply each and every tip which is mentioned above, then you can notice an amazing increase in your Downloading in Torrent. The quick tips are not that prominent, most of you may have already heard of these tips but still following them can be beneficial for you.

So, this was the article on Torrent Download speed.

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