3 Best Sports Tech Revelations of 2021

Technology has been evolving sports tremendously over the last decade or so, with increasing pace.

From aspects like improving broadcasts to becoming the founding element of new sports, technology’s influence continues to grow.

Now, you can see almost all sports embracing some form of modern tech.

Hockey is looking to improve its practices through new implementations of technology. Poker managed to boom thanks to a new application of technology, followed by the expanse of its digital gaming.

Then, of course, there’s the new, billion-dollar eSports industry that couldn’t exist without the right technology in place.

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Tracking technology in hockey

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Hockey, particularly the NHL, isn’t a stranger to the use of technology. Cameras over the top of goals, goal-line technology, and video replays have all helped to evolve the sport and make the outcomes of matches much fairer.

During the 2020 NHL All-Star games, the league started to bring in some new technology to further their search for undisputably fair results.

Across the weekend, players were equipped with new tracking technology, as was the puck.

What was effectively a test of the tech, the All-Star games proved that the tracking technology does work and can collect droves of in-depth information.


Forbes notes that commissioner Gary Bettman now wants to bring the big data technology that worked in the All-Star event to the NHL playoffs in 2020, and then the entire league in 2020/21.

Making poker a sport and enhancing its modern gameplay


Poker has been a competitive game for decades. Still, it didn’t take off as a sport until its broadcast on television was coupled with the implementation of hole camera technology.

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With the spectators able to see the action that the players could not, more people got involved, helping to forge the Poker Boom at the start of the millennium. The classic card game became a sport, and with the rise of online poker, it became a very accessible one at that.

From its beginnings of hosting online lobbies for recognizable poker games, poker online with Paddy Power, for example, has evolved with the increasingly powerful platform.

The game of Speed Poker, for example, makes use of the digital space and huge player pool for its table-switching mechanics.

Twister Poker also utilizes the vast player pools to create randomized jackpots for those buying in with smaller stakes.

Big tech companies want a piece of eSports

Where poker became a more accessible sport by moving online, eSports became a sport wholly built on the potential of online gaming.

The incredible growth, revenues, and accessibility of eSports have just about every once-naysayer investigating a way to get a piece of the action.

There are now two big players on the spectator side of eSports – Twitch and YouTube – but now Facebook wants to stake a claim within the exciting new sport.

Twitch and YouTube offer a way for eSports players and game streamers to connect to fans live, showing gameplay through their computers.

The Facebook gaming app takes the progressive step of embracing the absurdly popular platform of mobile gaming. As the BBC has found, the Facebook gaming app allows anyone to broadcast their phone screen display to Facebook without any extra equipment.

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It could help to make mobile gaming a much more integrated part of eSports, making the scene even more accessible to potential stars.

Technology has become such an integral part of traditional sports that wholly tech-based sports have been able to muscle into the scene.

It seems inevitable that almost all traditional sports will become more tech-driven in the years to come.

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