Why Celebrities are Better on Instagram than Brands

10 Reasons Why Celebrities are better on Instagram than Brands

With social media gaining attraction among everyone, it has become one of the most sought after platforms for brands and marketing.

While brands have their own pages on Instagram, they make sure to also ask celebrities to endorse their brand in order to increase their reach.

Instagram popularity has also given birth to various influencers who too have a great following and are social media celebrities. 

Studies have shown that celebrities are more popular and better than brands on Instagram.

While fame gives the celebrities an edge over the brands, their quirkiness, behind the scenes and relatability make them up the Instagram game a notch.

While the brands can utilize celebrity fame to their advantage they can also learn from these celebrities the social media tactics. 

Reasons why Celebrities are Better on Instagram than Brands

10 Reasons Why Celebrities are better on Instagram than Brands 1
10 Reasons Why Celebrities are better on Instagram than Brands 10

Similar to the brands,the celebs like famous pop singers, movie stars are business magnates who are running their own wireless networks, cosmetics brands, and eco-friendly water enterprises. Thus, there are a lot of reasons why celebrities are better than brands on Instagram, today we would like to discuss the top 10 reasons for the same. 

1. More Relatable

While brand is a name selling stuff, celebrities are humans like you and me which is why the audience connects more with them.

People have been seeing these celebrities for a long time now and knowing what they do  on a daily basis is very relatable.

With so much experience the celebrities to make sure to post images as well as their captions which the audience will relate to and instantly connect with them. Thus, the celebrities are a better option for Instagram than brands.

2. Know the Instagram Game

For one to rank and create an image for himself or herself it is important to understand how Instagram works. The working of an Instagram algorithm on a lot of codes that make sure that you use the right keyword, hashtags and posting on regular intervals.

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Celebrities have a full entourage behind them and a team that makes sure that anything important whether it is a movie, some outing or a simple photo clicked randomly goes to the celebrities Instagram profile at regular intervals.

Celebrities with years of experience of being in the limelight are used to the Instagram game of posing and posting photos.

Thus, they understand the Instagram game and are good at creating a mark for themselves which most brands are struggling with. 

3. Have a Huge Fan Following

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10 Reasons Why Celebrities are better on Instagram than Brands 11


With great work comes great status and a huge fan following. This is true for celebrities as well. They have a huge fan following and thus a lot of people look up to them on Instagram too. With a single post, they can reach a larger number of audiences and send across their message very easily. 

Wherever the celebrities go people are clicking photos with them, which end up on Instagram with these celebrities being tagged. This is also another way of gaining traction on Instagram which the celebrities very easily get. 

4. Wouldn’t Mind Going Out of the Box

With so many people admiring and looking up to these celebrities, they are worried about keeping up with their image.

While keeping this causal and true they are also not worried about posting something that is out of the box. Most of the celebrities make sure to keep posting something different and unique in order to stay in the Instagram game. 

Celebrities post amazing content with other fellow mates which are sometimes very different and fun to watch. Also the celebrities post about new movie releases, concerts which people really look forward to, giving them more attention. 

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5. Interactive

Instagram has provided a platform for all celebrities to interact with their followers. Thus, the celebrities are very interactive unlike the brands and connect more with the audience, thus making them a better option on Instagram. 

Every now and then they also interact with their audience by answering their questions and organizing live chats with them.

These small gestures from the end of the celebrities make their Instagram profile one of the most followed thus gain much more advantage than brands. 

How Celebrities gain More Followers

1. They Know the Video Game

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10 Reasons Why Celebrities are better on Instagram than Brands 12


With years of experience, the celebrities are well versed in making videos and clicking amazing pictures. Thus their feed looks top-notch, and the audience enjoys scrolling through their Instagram. While the profile of celebrities is very varied, brands normally focus on their particular product giving very less space for maneuvering. 

2. They Take you Behind the Scenes

Celebrities introduce the audience to scenes and places that one normally sees only in movies and plays.

Thus these behind the scenes help the audience connect more with the celebrity as they respect them for their hard work and their determination which goes behind each video, movie or concert. 

3. They Appreciate Internet Humor

Celebrities are trolled almost every day and now they have developed a thick skin. They have become very welcoming and appreciative of the internet humor as that too brings to the front page.

In Fact, unlike brands, celebrities take the time to answer these memes and trolls with a positive outlook and gain much-needed praise for their work. 

4. They Get Brand Identity and Aesthetics

10 Reasons Why Celebrities are better on Instagram than Brands 7
10 Reasons Why Celebrities are better on Instagram than Brands 13


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With so much experience, celebrities can better show brands in different ways. Since marketing started it has always been the celebrities who have carried the identity of the brands and the same is true now as well. 

In this digital age, people get to know about brands not through the brand page, but through the celebrity who posts a photo or video using that particular brand and mentioning how good it is.

Thus, celebrities create brand identity and aesthetics. 

5. They Understand the Importance of Social Media

While digital is still new in the market, not all brands realize how important social media is at this point.

However, celebrities have realized it very soon. All the celebrities make sure that they keep updating their profiles with whatever is going on in their lives as they too want to stay in the celeb game. 

In Conclusion

Since long the marketers have relied on celebrities to endorse their brand and raise awareness, in turn, boosting their sales.

Now with the rise of social media influencers, the brands are trying brand-influencer collaborations for capturing the attention of consumers.

A study has shown that the brands are planning to increase their marketing budget by 59% to include the influencers too in the celebrity branding game.

So while brands are working hard to create a digital space, it is important to include the celebrities in their strategy as without that their effort will yield only half the results.


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