How Small Businesses Can Double Profits with the Cloud Computing

Thanks to Cloud computing, small businesses and start-ups can now enter the market with a competitive advantage as long as they implement the right Cloud services and various applications.

This is due to the Cloud’s ability to store infinite amounts of data on online servers hosted by providers (Public Cloud) or installed and/or managed internally within the company (Private Cloud)—with the aid of providers or Cloud computing and IT/Cloud cybersecurity experts/consultants.


This data can then be shared and accessed simultaneously across all multi-media/online devices with an internet connection, and it promotes the dissemination of pertinent project-oriented data across all company levels, thus increasing the level of employee collaboration and accelerating decision-making.

There are three main types of Cloud computing that a company can take advantage of: PaaS, IaaS, and Cloud Management. Through PaaS (Platform as a Service) your service provider will give you all the tools you need—including software and hardware— to customize and develop your own cloud applications on-site, so it saves you time and money because you leave the design and installation in the hands of the Cloud service experts.

In IaaS, or Infrastructure as a Service, companies rely on the provider’s Cloud servers to store data and pay a fee depending on the volume of storage and capacity/processing power needed; the customization and implementation of the applications is left to the hands of the host provider.

Liquid Web Managed Word Press

Cloud Management refers to the software and related technologies needed to operate and monitor the services and applications that are in the Cloud; the help of providers will ensure that all Cloud applications are working optimally, that all connections with other devices are secure and operational, and that delivery to users is ensured.

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A major benefit for small business owners and start-ups that choose to implement either a Public or Private Cloud system is that they do not have to invest heavily upfront. In fact, the Cloud cost is scalable and you can start small and then progress incrementally as your data volume and need for more memory storage increase. Moreover, you may only need certain Cloud services and software applications that are suitable for a single business solution, so you do not have to buy all Cloud services because the cost varies depending on the case. Also, you can save big because you won’t need any external hard drives as your company grows along with your business data storage.

The A.I. functions which are integrated into Cloud technology per se offer a further boost for increased market presence/visibility and for maximizing customer satisfaction and loyalty, because their high processing power and speed help anticipate future trends, customer demand and monitor in real time the overall level of satisfaction through the use of A.I. assistants and applications that sift through the entire internet to learn about consumer behaviour and determine evolution in trends.

They can also filter, process and deliver in real-time (or as close as possible) specific data to appropriate departments that targets a single or multiple business objective, reducing the level of bureaucracy and delivering well in advance of any deadlines. It can, in short, predict the future and as such it is immensely helpful for start-ups because it gives them a jump-start and the tools needed to compete even with bigger companies.

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In the end, every company must decide what its individual needs are and what the right strategy is; this is why the best solution for companies is to get acquainted directly with Cloud computing and also train the workforce at least in the basics. There are many institutions like CloudAcademy, which offers AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud computing training along with fully accredited certification.




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