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Why People in India Shifting Towards Virtual Classrooms For Studies

The traditional mode of education has benefitted students in many ways, and according to research, it can be said that pupils are happy learning via these old ways of education. With the old ways of education, the students were able to get in touch with the professors or teachers easily. Ever since technology started to come into being, the traditional classrooms programs are facing are tough competition from the virtual setup of classrooms. Some students are using it greatly while preparing for exams like IAS, SBI PO, and other tough exams. But still the traditional mode of learning is preferred by most of the students, and it helps to improve the skills.

Prominent advantages of old ways of study-

  1. Motivating – The environment that students get in the traditional method of learning help them to stay focused and improve their skills better. Being able to acquire knowledge in an environment that has a home-like feeling is much more acceptable to the students compared to the virtual classrooms. Also, the learning process is easier to understand for most of the students.
  2. Accessibility – It may happen that students do not have access to technology or modern gadgets. So, studying with the help of online classes is just not possible. Some students are interested in learning in the modern method, while others do not know how to make use of technology is completing their curriculum. In the old ways of studying, the teaching starts with the teachers interacting and imparting his or her knowledge to the students. Following, the teachers discuss topics directly with the students and try to involve them more in the discussions. Students who are pursuing specialization in any of the subjects, printed books are more appropriate for them compared to technology-based questions.
  3. Interactive – The old ways of education is considered to be more useful since the students are able to interact with the teachers directly and get their problems solved easily. Students learning from interactive and discussion based class is higher than learning through technology-based methods. With readiness of receiving doubts, the old ways of learning are always preferable. Students who lack confidence need constant reassurance from the teachers. Feedback plays an important role for them in keep moving.
  4. Organized manner – To organize your study schedule in a fixed time and specific, help you to become more dedicated towards your study. With busy live schedules, it is necessary to maintain an organized routine for studying such that students are able to maintain their studying well.
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Education in the age-old days

With the variety of options present in education, parents often try to explore the available ones. But they should force any option according to their wish on their children. The choice of education should be left on the students such that they are comfortable in whatever they wish to pursue, Guardians should only advice the children with the best option such that they can pursue their dreams smoothly. The old ways of education is basically a teacher-centric education in which students are the direct receiver of the information. Before the introduction of technology, students preferred seeking help from classroom programs for qualifying examination such as IAS and other competitive examinations.

Opinion of educationists and shift in traditional methods

It is further seen, in the past few decades, there has been a shift of student’s enrollment from the private school to the charter school. For better methods of receiving instructions and curriculum, parents think that charter school is the best option for the children. Though via the old method of learning, the schools promise to educate the students, still the students should have high accepting and tolerance attitude. It shall also help them to adjust them with other students in the classroom environment.

Therefore, there is a need for social interaction in the schools among the teachers and the students. Pertaining to this, education expert John Dewe discussed about his belief in the importance of social interaction in schools. It came out in the year 1897, and he is of the opinion that schools are actually social institutions. When it comes to preparing for competitive examination such as IAS, MBA or other competitive examinations, some students still prefer studying with the help of the printed books and qualify in the same with flying colors.

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Educational standards

When it comes to covering the school curriculum in the traditional schools, it varies from one state to the other. But it remains the same in case of grade level and implementation of the educational standards. To maintain the standards of the old ways of teaching in the schools, funds are raised by the government to ensure that all the students are assured equal opportunities. It is also seen that in the traditional method of learning, special education, counseling, speech therapy and other facilitates are also provide to the students and make them feel that all are equal in the school environment.

How the traditional method of teaching is acceptable?

Apart from all these, the traditional method of teaching is more acceptable as it is cheaper compared to the modern teaching methods. Therefore, the old ways of teaching make it more suitable for the rural areas. It also believed that some subjects such as chemistry and mathematics are best taught using the blackboard as they do not involve any step-wise explanation of the chapters. This makes the class a more interactive one and brings in more discipline in the class.

It can further be said that for teaching in the traditional method, the teacher need not be a tech-savvy person where they easily impart the knowledge about any topic or chapter from the printed books available. If you look into the impact of the traditional method of teaching, it does not put any strain on the eyes of the students whereas when learning via the modern method, it adversely affects the eyes due to constants rays.

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