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How to Recover from a Hacked Website [8 Steps Only]

Doing SEO for a website isn’t just enough on its own. You have to plan on how to audit the website.

An SEO audit helps in analyzing the performance of the website and shows the website traffic stats.

There are various procedures involved in the auditing of SEO, hence you should hire the best B2B internet marketing agency.

How to Recover from a Hacked Website [8 Steps Only] 1
How to Recover from a Hacked Website [8 Steps Only] 4

It is very important that you contact the best B2B internet marketing agency to help you with the auditing.

In most cases, it is advisable that you hire the company that provided the SEO service in the first place.

That being said, let us go through the processes involved in providing good SEO auditing.

Planning the Audit Strategy

The first thing to do is strategize on how to go about the audit process. This would make you know what you aim to achieve from the get-go. There are a lot of reasons for auditing your site, so you have to know the goals you are looking to achieve.

Also, you would need to have a sit down with the personnel from the SEO company you are hiring. This would help both parties come to a conclusion on how to go about it.

Technical Analysis

After strategizing, the next thing is the technical analysis of the SEO. This simply means that you have to determine how well the website is performing.

A technical analysis of the website will help you to determine how accessible your website is to the general public. It would make you know how your target customers can easily access your website.

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Another thing that technical analysis would do is know the indexability of your website. The indexability of the website is more or less like accessibility.

Both of them go hand in hand. The indexability of the website would enable you to know how well it is ranked on the search engines.

On-Page Analysis

The next procedure after the technical analysis is on-page analysis. The on-page analysis would ensure that the website contents are in perfect order. On-page analysis can be done in two ways, the first is general content, and the second is the individual page.

General content helps you make sure that the contents on the website are SEO compatible.

It will also help know if they can generate traffic for the website. Individual page analysis helps to analyze every page in terms of word structures.

Off-Page Analysis

The off-page analysis depends on the domain strength of the website.

The aforementioned processes are all about the website, but the off-page analysis is quite different.

The off-page analysis would help you work on the strength of the website’s popularity among other rival websites.

The off-page analysis also tests the trustworthiness of the website in search engines.

As we all know, people will only visit websites that are trusted and guaranteed by the search engine they use.

Make sure that you get the best SEO service for an efficient SEO auditing. The best way to go about it is by working with SEO experts that know about the nitty-gritty of your website.

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This is why it is advisable to stick to the SEO company that provided the service from onset.

And, what if in the process of auditing your website, it is realized that it is attacked or hacked. If it is then here are some steps to consider:

Determine the Severity of the Attack

Look into the information shared in the Search Console’s security issues and Message Center to understand how severe the attack was. The attacks can be in the form of phishing, distributive malware or spam.

Assess File System Damage

At this point, you have to assess severe complex damages done to the site. Look out for things like spammy pages, modification of pages, backdoors, and lots more of server and error logs, which could make your site vulnerable to severe damages.

Check out for Any Vulnerabilities

Your site has been hacked and so you cannot relax and expect things will be fine. Check for areas in your site, which could be vulnerable to more risks, including weak passwords, virus-infected administrator computer, and permissive coding practices.

Clean Up the Mess

Get your site cleaned up and any mess removed.

Try retrieving any confidential data lost to the hacker. If you can’t take any legal, regulatory, and business responsibilities to safeguard yourself.  Remove the spam and fabricated URLs if there are any as well as all duplicate pages.

Clean the Server

Restore all the backup files.

Install software updates and upgrades. Eliminate anything in the server that poses risk to your site’s security.

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Make sure to change the passwords and logins to the accounts linked to your website.

If you don’t have a backup file, trying identifying a restoring point or disk image of the website to aid in the recovery process.

Get A Google Review

Getting your site up and running is not enough. Get Google to review it and give their verdict, otherwise will have to deal with page flags and down ranks from Google, which may not be easy to handle.

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