7 Free Tools To Improve Website SEO Performance

Once the domain of professional digital marketers only, search engine optimization (SEO) is a concept that’s becoming more and more familiar to business owners and entrepreneurs everywhere.

For good reason, too – as our world and customers are increasingly online, ensuring your website shows up where people are searching has become critical for success.

Search engine optimization is all about improving your organic ranking on the search engine of your choice, most commonly Google and Bing.

There are a number of ways to do this and measure how well you’re doing – and the best way to build your skills is just get out there and try it!

Here are the top free tools for SEO to help your skills and your business grow.



Linkio is SEO software designed to give SEOs the right anchor text to build next, by using insightful data to help you make better-informed decisions.

It’s flexible, automated and remarkably easy to use.

This software makes it easy to know what anchor text to build next by analyzing all your existing backlink data.

It takes just seconds to go from analysis to having an anchor text profile plan that you can feel confident with.

SEO Digital Group’s SEO Analyzer

SEO Digital Group’s SEO Analyzer is an indispensable all-in-one digital tool.

Working across both Google and Bing, the tool scans each page of a site and generates a website analysis report and a helpful SEO score, explaining in plain language any problem areas and recommendations for improvement.

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Additionally, the tool helps conduct backlink audits, which crawls the internet to find how many other sites link to yours, content and web page analyses, social signals and shares, and many others.

SEO Digital Group’s SEO Analyzer is as comprehensive as Google Analytics but easier to use and interpret.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is any digital marketer’s best friend. Google offers a number of different tools for users, though they’re generally limited to only Google’s search engine.

The tools offered include Google Keyword Planner, ideal for basic keyword research; Google Trends, for comparing words; their Webmaster Tools, which help users keep an eye on their websites for any errors.

You can track different metrics to measure traffic, bounce rates, search trends, and more. While Google Analytics is one of the most robust options, it’s also one of the most complicated and has a bit of learning curve for users.

Bing Webmaster Tools

For those looking to optimize their web presence for the second most popular search engine, Bing offers a number of web tools for SEO and keyword research.

Among their offerings are their SEO Analyzer, which reviews web pages and offers recommendations for optimization, and their Keyword Research Tool, to help users figure out what keywords might work best for them.

All, of course, is customized to suit the Bing search engine algorithm.

Keyword Tool is probably the simplest tool on this list, built for one purpose: generating keyword suggestions.

Specialized for Google, Keyword Tool helps suggest long-tail keywords – that is to say, it helps you identify multi-word key phrases that are hyper-specific for your product or service.

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So instead of giving you simple words like “shoes,” you’ll get something more like “women’s chelsea boots red velvet” or “high top suede shoes men.”

What you do with these keywords is up to you – Keyword Tool is just about helping you identify them.

Screaming Frog Spider Tool

The Screaming Frog Spider Tool is a website crawler.

You plug in your website URL and it’ll help you find any inconsistencies or flaws in your web content, be it duplicated content, broken links, and other bits of information hidden within a site’s HTML coding.

It can also be connected to your Google Analytics account to integrate the data from both tools. The Spider Tool is free for the first 500 URLs you analyze, but it also has a paid version with more features and unlimited access to analytics.

Moz Learning Center

While Moz is well-known for their keyword and link explorer tools, perhaps their most useful tool is their learning center.

In it, users can learn or refresh their knowledge on dozens of SEO topics, from the importance of link building and the basics of site auditing.

This is the perfect opportunity for both marketing beginners and industry professionals to review SEO fundamentals and brush up on their skills.

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