7 Best Backlink Checker Tools for 2021 [Free & Paid]

Do you need help conducting a backlink check and how to review the results?

If so, this post is for you. Below, you’ll find 7 backlink analysis tools that are full of features that provide an inside view of your link profile.

Here we’ve come up with a list that focuses on 7 of the best backlinks checker tools available online today. Let’s check them out! 

Link Explorer is one of the best backlink analysis tools used by many marketing professionals. With the help of Link Explorer, you can build a strong backlink profile.

Link Explorer Features

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  • Discover domains that link to your website.
  • Uncover link building opportunities by comparing the backlink profile of your competitors.
  • Check the Domain Authority of websites that link to you and your competitors.

2. TheHoth

The Hoth ( Backlink Checker Tool) bills itself as a white label SEO service. They create links from white hat guest posts on a variety of websites with which they have well-positioned writers. Though they appear to gate information on their site behind an email opt-in, you can get around it in a few ways to see what they have on offer.

3. Ahrefs

An absolute favorite among online marketing professionals, Ahrefs gives you all of the tools that you need to track your backlinks and keywords. Furthermore, you can get an inside look at what your competition is doing.

4. Linkody

From the moment you visit the Linkody homepage, it’s clear what the link checker tool has in mind for its users:

“Never check backlinks manually again, Linkody automates the whole process.”

If you’ve ever attempted to manually attempt a backlink check, you know two things to be true: it’s time consuming and it’s nearly impossible to keep up.


This is why Linkody continues to grow in popularity. Just the same as every tool on this list, everything is automated on your behalf.

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There are several reasons to use this tool, including:

  • Notifications for when you gain and lose links.
  • Ability to easily pinpoint and disavow spammy links.
  • An inside look at what your competitors are doing.

5. LinkMiner

If you are doing Backlink analysis to find opportunities, you are going to love this one. Here are a few things that you can easily do with LinkMiner:

  • Analyze 50 backlinks for free every day
  • Embedded website preview from the dashboard
  • See the backlinks based on category (Blogs, forum, Q&A)
  • See the link strength
  • Mark backlink as favorite

6. SEMrush

SEMrush gives you a lot of important information about any URL that you enter, including the backlinks pointing to the site.

You can track multiple competitor sites and get comprehensive information about the links.

You’ll need to sign up for a paid account for this though, since the site gives you a very limited number of searches for free. Having said that the SEMrush trial is still good to give the tool a quick rundown.

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7. LinkResearchTools

The name of this tool says it all, but you need to learn more about the features, to determine if it’s right for your website and approach.

One of the top features of this tool is its integration with data from 24 link backends. With this, you can rest assured that you are getting the best backlink check available.

Another feature that you’ll enjoy is described by the company as the “most complete backlink profile view.”

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With this, you can analyze every link, through 97 unique metrics. Even better, you can customize the filters and metrics on this link checker tool to meet the needs of your research. Filters include power, trust, buzz, contact data and impact, along with many others.

Other things that you can do with LinkResearchTools include:

  • Remove a Google penalty.
  • Monitor inbound links.
  • Improve your existing backlinks.
  • Discover link opportunities.
  • Spot link building trends.

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