Link Building Guide 2021: Ways to Build Links to Increase Your Sells

E-commerce is the new trend in upcoming years in-terms of emerging businesses. I think, We should consider this as reality, as more continent like Asia-pacific alone is emerging like Gaint.

What I think, we should more be focused on brand building rather than focusing on link building for the keywords ranking. Because the fact is that, if you have Good branding which earns users trust and they like to visit on your site frequently and stays more then it will automatically increase your reputation in-terms of trust on your brand.

I will give you a good example of an eCommerce website, they are growing like anything in the eCommerce sector but by not focusing only on link building for their product or category keywords. What I have seen, they will focus on getting the link for their brand name which is generic and good for their website brand building trust in search engines.

So, if you are finding out some good ways to build a good brand name in eCommerce then try these ways to build pure links for your website and which will also increase your sales.


Here we go :

Liquid Web Managed Word Press

1) Focus on Highly Converted Forum Threads :

  • Use simple search queries (intitle: forum “niche”) in Google to find industry-related forums and filter out irrelevant and low-quality homepage results based on their search potential (use Alexa’s estimated search visits indicator), engagement signals (average # of views/replies to related threads), and strict editorial guidelines set by moderators.
  • Do a Google search for customer-related search queries like “where to buy” baby shoes, and discover any forums that are listed down in the top spot of search results.

2) Participate in Forums :

  • Target forum participants that are actively engaging in the community (use their # of daily/weekly posts, replies and their own threads as your base metrics). Get in touch with them on the forum board or other marketing channels like email and social networks.
  • Become the first one to answer questions that you know you can answer really well based on your experience and expertise (it is also very important to identify the best time people are engaging on the site).
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3) Get link from Suppliers, Retailers or Manufacturers’ Resource Pages :

I’m a friend of obtaining links from resource pages since it’s one in all the simplest and most efficient ways that to try and do link building recently. this can be as a result of resource pages area unit designed to list down internal and external links underneath an equivalent class (which if your whole is connected with, you’ll be able to simply raise a mention/link).

It will need some matching once searching for resource pages which will best suitable your web site. If your whole is associate degree e-commerce provider or manufacturer, then rummage around for retailers or manufacturers’ resource pages, or the other way around if you’re the previous.


To get started with resource page link building, do a Google hunt for any of the subsequent search terms (just merely add your keyword):

(intitle:links) OR (intitle:sites) OR (intitle:resources) “home design” “retailer” OR “manufacturer” OR “supplier”

(intitle:links) OR (intitle:sites) OR (intitle:resources) “home design” useful recommended helpful

intitle:links “home design” “retailer” OR “manufacturer” OR “supplier”

intitle:resources  “home design” “retailer” OR “manufacturer” OR “supplier”

(intitle:links) OR (intitle:sites) OR (intitle:resources)  “home design”  useful recommended helpful “retailer” OR “manufacturer” OR “supplier”

(intitle:links) OR (intitle:sites) OR (intitle:resources)  “home design”  useful recommended helpful “retailer” OR “manufacturer” OR “supplier”

3) Go for Link Reclamation :

Meanwhile, if you begin to create your own complete in your business, you’ll systematically earn links from your content selling and stigmatization efforts by following existing, non-linking complete or product mentions.

Moreover, you’ll attempt a lot of ways in which to assist your web site earn links from relevant blogs or sites in your business supported these statements

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1. attempt to optimize your e-commerce web site for search engines and users by victimization SEO plugins for WP sites.

2. conjointly attempt to publish a minimum of one content quality on your e-commerce journal which will be thought of the foremost academic, informative, and comprehensive search results for the target keyword you would like to rank in serps.

3. Apply internal linking on your site to assist changing however non-linked pages to rank high in search results as this approach can help your site earn targeted search traffic in an exceedingly consistent basis.

Try Linkwhisper for Free – A great tool to do Internal Linking automation in just few clicks.

Rahul Setia was born and raised in the Kaithal, Haryana. He worked at brands like Jabong, ProProfs etc. He was also in the List of Top 100 Social Media Influencer's 2019 by Status Brew. He lives in Delhi/NCR and is a Digital Gig & Founder of Websites i.e,, Follow me on: LinkedIn, @rahulsetia007 and Facebook.

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