12 Best Alternative Sites like Alibaba for Dropshipping

12 Best Alternative Sites like Alibaba for Dropshipping 1

People all over the world are familiar with the site While it is one of the biggest E-Commerce platforms in China, it also holds an impressive ranking in the world.

This is a completely reliable and valid site where you will be able to come across suppliers, even selling products in bulk at reasonable prices.

However, that always lies the risk of scams and counterfeited products being sold on a website like this. Since the cost can sometimes be very low or the minimum order amount can be very high, there is always a risk that you must be aware of. 

For this reason, people often try to look for wholesale sites like alibaba, which are basically alibaba competitors, where you can shop freely without having to worry about getting scammed. 

Here are some of the websites that are much close to dropship sites like alibaba. 


12 Best Alternative Sites like Alibaba for Dropshipping 3

You cannot have a discussion about E-Commerce portals without taking the name of Amazon.

While this portal was first introduced as a bookstore, it has now become the biggest E-Commerce store all around the globe.

Amazon provides an excellent platform where you can buy products at a reasonable price rate from not only Amazon but also its various users and setters available on the platform.

On the other hand, you can also sell things on Amazon.

Amazon is one of the most reliable online portals that you can find on the internet and has a broad range of products to select from. 


12 Best Alternative Sites like Alibaba for Dropshipping 5

While this online portal is not as famous as Alibaba, it is one of the best b2b sites like alibaba. It has already registered almost 7.7 million products and is influential around the world.

This e-commerce website has been verified by various organisations and has been considered as an extremely reliable and valid platform for purchasing wholesale goods.

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Not only does it support several payment methods but it has also introduced various financial services to regular buyers.

While you cannot control the product quality, you will be able to enjoy foreign trade services. 


12 Best Alternative Sites like Alibaba for Dropshipping 7

Target is one of the biggest chains of stores that is available not only in the USA but all over the world.

This already adds to its authenticity. However, did you know that they have a website that works very much like Alibaba?

This is an extremely reliable alibaba alternative is it functions much like Alibaba and offers great discounts which can be shipped to your house itself.

While you may not get low prices like to get on Alibaba, one advantage is that all the products are genuine and high quality. It is exceptionally well stocked and up-to-date with the current market situation. 


12 Best Alternative Sites like Alibaba for Dropshipping 9

Ebay is one such website that you have to discuss when it comes to E-Commerce platforms. It has been around the world for a long time, making it extremely reliable.

While the site was popularly an auction only website for basic person to person sales, it has now gone through some changes.

It has now started the function much like sites like alibaba where you will be able to find items at a fixed price. 

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5. Made-in-China

12 Best Alternative Sites like Alibaba for Dropshipping 11

While the company was found way back in the year 1998, the goal of the company remains the same to this date.

The company has always wanted to bring the china marketplace out into the world. This online platform gives an opportunity for traders to communicate, connect and sell their goods in a regulated and safe environment.

You will be able to find authentic information about the product you are to buy and develop an efficient communication system with the seller and the buyer. It boasts fast shipping, and you make better profit here

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6. Chinabrands

12 Best Alternative Sites like Alibaba for Dropshipping 13

This is one of the best wholesale from around the globe and helps small size manufacturers to bring the goods to the global market.

The payment services provided here are quite reliable, and the products are extremely well sorted. You will be able to enjoy the goods customer service here. 


12 Best Alternative Sites like Alibaba for Dropshipping 15

If you are looking for online shopping sites like alibaba, this is an excellent option for you. This website promotes the Hong Kong market to the world.

The website is up to date and has an amazing financial Centre that you can rely on with your eyes closed.

The shopping site provides a great opportunity for both small-sized and medium sized manufacturers to drink for their items into the international market. The only problem here might be a linguistic issue. 


12 Best Alternative Sites like Alibaba for Dropshipping 17

When it comes to sites like alibaba in usa, is a great place, to begin with. Walmart is already one of the largest companies all over the USA, and it has also expanded its market online.

It has now become one of the biggest  e-commerce companies in the  USA, offering a variety of products at relatively low prices.

You will be able to order the products online, or you may even pick them up from a close brick and mortar store. 

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12 Best Alternative Sites like Alibaba for Dropshipping 19

1688 is a domestic wholesale shopping platform in China. Hence in order to work with this company, you’ll require a licence from the Chinese government.

You will also need to pay an additional amount for the membership.

The reason why these extra costs are worth it is that this is truly a hidden gem where you will be able to find products at the cheapest rate.

The suppliers are extremely well responsive and have been dealing with the market for a really long time.

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However, the website is in Mandarin, which might be challenging. 

10. ECVV

12 Best Alternative Sites like Alibaba for Dropshipping 21

This is another online wholesale store that is extremely popular because of the discounts and surprise gifts that you get with every order.

The suppliers on this platform are usually reliable and you will get great products from popular brands at minimum cost.

The best part about this website is that it is environmentally friendly and has an extremely low cost for shipping. 

11. EC21

12 Best Alternative Sites like Alibaba for Dropshipping 23

In the past few years this website has become one of the biggest online business marketplace whose headquarters are in South Korea.

This website helps various suppliers and buyers to put forth their produce into the global market and has been functional since 1997. 

It has over 3 million products and being a manufacturing sites like alibaba you can also get free and premium membership that comes with a number of extra services.

The products are extremely good when it comes to quality and you will be able to connect with a number of countries with the help of the website. 

12. Chinavision 

12 Best Alternative Sites like Alibaba for Dropshipping 25

When you are looking for other sites like alibaba, this is one of the biggest platforms that you can find in China. Various consumer sites like alibaba have become quite prominent and this is exactly one of them.

This website has affordable products and is an expert if you want electronic products.

You will be able to enjoy a number of logistic as well as payment agency services which will make your experience even better. 

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