45+ Most Asked Questions on Google Ever

Ever wondered what are the most asked questions on Google? Given below is the entire list of top 45+ most asked questions on Google along with their global search volume and cost-per-click data.

45+ Most Asked Questions on Google Ever 1
What is the most asked questions on Google?

For those not aware, cost-per-click refers to the amount advertisers pay to advertise for that term on Google.

1. Why is there a leap day?

2. Why is the sky blue?

3. Why you always lying?

4. Why is my poop green?

5. Why should we hire you?

6. Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?

7. Why do dogs eat grass?

8. Why are cats scared of cucumbers?

9. Why do cats purr?

10. Why did I get married?


11. Why do we yawn?

12. Why am I so tired?

13. Why am I always so tired?

14. Why is Caillou bald?

15. Why do we dream?

16. Why are flags at half-mast today?

17. Why are firetrucks red?

18. Why did the chicken cross the road?

19. Why you gotta be so rude?

20. Why do cats knead?


21. Why do you want to work here?

22. Why should I hire you?

23. Why do men have nipples?

24. Why do men cheat?

25. Why do dogs howl?

26. Why is a raven like a writing desk?

27. Why is my eye twitching?

28. Why are flamingos pink?

29. Why not both meme?

30. Why not lease it?


31. Why not me lyrics?

32. Why do I sweat so much?

33. Why do dogs lick?

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34. Why is my period late

35. Why do my nipples hurt?

36. Why do my eyes twitch?

37. Why do dogs eat poop?

38. Why do I love you?

39. Why do men love witches?

40. Why is it called Black Friday?


41. Why do people snore?

42. Why is my internet so slow?

43. Why am I so ugly?

44. Why am I always cold?

45. Why did Japan attack Pearl Harbor?

46. Why am I always hungry?

47. Why did Hitler hate Jews?

48. Why are manhole covers round?

49. Why do we fall?

50. Why do fools fall in love?

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