10 Best Websites for Authors

If you are an aspiring writer looking for websites to improve your work, here we have curated a list of the best websites for finding writing prompts and inspiration. These will help you in framing your ideas in a better way, which can impact the readers in a positive yet creative way.

10 Best Websites for Authors 8

1. Querytracker

Queryracker has a variety of attributes that are beneficial to authors. For example, you can keep count of your inquiries using the website’s interface. In addition, you can access a database of agents and publishers who have been recently introduced to the website or whose profile has been modified.

Querytracker is among the best websites for finding literary agents and publishers. It is an excellent way of discovering author responses to queries. This site frequently provides information about an agency, including responsiveness, sample query letters, and overall reviews. The agent’s response patterns can be learned here. The site will be your closest companion while awaiting an advisor’s response. Though it might require subscriptions, but membership is free, and it’s good enough to justify it, given the quantity of data you get.

What we like: You can keep a note of all your work

Best for: Newbie Writers

Benefits & Features

  • Free Membership
  • Sends you responses
  • Perfect website for authors

2. Beemgee

Beemgee is among the best websites for improving writing skills and learning about the craft of writing. It assists authors of all genres in the creation and presentation of stories. Though if you decide not to release your new fiction book, you can still locate a resource that can assist you in constructing the tale. Authors can utilize the tool to create books, movies, interactive storytelling games, and theater scripts; different types of writers will find something helpful to work on.

Beemgee will assist you in creating the details of your fictitious universe as you write the first draft of your narrative. A good website for finding writing resources and tools, such as writing software and apps. It will help you write the story you have in your mind in a better way to make it a top seller.

What we like: Take note of the details of your fictitious narrative perfectly.

Best for: Publishers

Benefits & Features:

  • Wide variety of subjects
  • Offers assistance to authors of all genres
  • Contains all the necessary tools for drafting

3. SelfPublishing

10 Best Websites for Authors 1
10 Best Websites for Authors 9

This is among the top websites for self-publishing authors. However, it offers more than just self-publishing guidance and suggestions. A bunch of writing-related subjects can be explored in greater depth. SelfPublishing is the ideal website for you if you are a newbie wondering how to start writing or even someone who wants to publish their novel.

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You’ll find all the guidance you want here, including detailed novel composing instructions and character biographies. Also, the blog includes technical skills and manuals after you sign, providing you with anything you need to self-publish your novel, especially authoring expertise.

What we like: You get a lot of authoring expertise

Best for: New Writers

Benefits & Features

  • Offers guidance and suggestions
  • Detailed composing and drafting

4. Writer’s Digest

Among the top websites for finding writing contests and submitting work is Writer’s Digest. This website’s simple yet creative writings will assist you in discovering or renewing your unique talents. In addition, you will find the creative process considerably simpler due to these postings’ conversion of challenging writing problems into clear answers.

Also, the Writer’s Digest runs contests and offers comprehensive details on their various literary activities. Even blog entries that are highlighted by both editorial staff can be found. Give the Writer’s Digest a try if you’re a writer seeking social support in the writing industry.

What we like: How it helps to discover the writer’s creativity

Best for: Budding Writers

Benefits & Features:

  • Provides relevant data,
  • Offers assistance with creating your digital platform
  • Also runs various writing contests

5. The Write Practice

The Write Practice is a creative tool that provides authors with useful knowledge. This is among the best websites for finding book reviewers and promoting your work. It also includes postings on various subjects, such as writing assignments and literary challenges that will spark your imagination. You won’t ever think pathetic when it comes to writing if you have the Write Practice on your desktop or laptop.

Also, The Write Practice provides free advice throughout their blog postings that will assist you in restructuring your writing task and refining your narrative voice. It also provides writing competitions and programs. Therefore, developing your author profile precisely is what the Write Practice can assist you with.

What we like: Supplies authors with a variety of important information

Best for:  Writers of all genres

Benefits & Features:

  • Provides free advice
  • Restructure your writing activities
  • Refine your narrative voice

6. Evernote

This fantastic pinning tool is among the top website for finding writing jobs and freelance opportunities. It helps gather creative energy and narrative concepts in one location so they may be saved, sorted and used later. It brings to mind one of your protagonists, or an illustration that would make the ideal backdrop for your next scenario could all be on your list. Though invention might strike in the strangest locations, Evernote is accessible on almost every device, so you can record ideas regardless of where you are.

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You can keep all of that in one notepad or create many diaries to help you organize your opinions and suggestions as you go. Simply create distinct journals for each protagonist or section in your book-in-progress.

What we like: Saves all the data in one place

Best for: Writers who like to seek everything in a right place

Benefits & Features:

  • Provide the right setting
  • Make unique entries
  • Wherever you are, it keeps track of ideas.

7. FictionPress

Explore FictionPress to read a collection of self-published screenplays, nonfiction, and literature and get critiques on your writing. You are welcome to publish your own articles for complementary and invite others to comment. Perhaps everything you need to continue moving in the direction of your creative ambitions is a little encouragement and assistance from other authors.

Numerous resources are available to assist you with creating your own tale and journal, from gathering ideas to adding the final adjustments. These resources include toolkits, webpages, group therapy, and recommendations. Yet, in the end, you are the one who will make a huge impact. This is because you have all the equipment you require.

What we like: Makes a huge impact on your writing skills instantly

Best for: Writers who welcome critiques

Benefits & Features:

  • Offers suggestions from other authors.
  • Provides reading materials
  • Helps you with writing your own novel

8. Lithub

Lithub differs from the other websites discussed here as it focuses primarily on readers and provides a broad selection of researching and reading. So when you’re stuck in an artistic jam, you can access its incredible library and draw inspiration from the stuff you read. In addition, a huge collection of incredible essays on all literary topics, including blog posts, referrals, reports, writer analyses, and profiles, can be found on Literary Hub.

You can browse through the well-curated lists spanning all genres, engage with lectures on Lithub radio, pick the perfect literary masterpiece to consume, or find everything from motivational articles to short story snippets. Whatever you decide to do, Lithub will provide you with all the thought-provoking information you need to be motivated to create your next article.

What we like: It contains a huge collection of incredible essays

Best for: Readers

Benefits & Features:

  • Provides talks on the radio
  • An impressive set of articles on various subjects
  • Offers a wide range of readings and studying options.
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9. Reedsy

The website Reedsy is fantastic for writers of all genres. Helping authors promote their novels by providing them with tools and information to connect with directors, marketers, media people, interpreters, etc., is among the website’s key goals. The website was created to fulfill a variety of purposes, to cater to the demands of all types of writers, and to assist them with all kinds of language. This is why this is the best website for finding writing workshops and online writing courses.

In addition, it offers free access to online writing workshops. You can find many writing challenges to expand your creative horizons, using free writing resources, and articles, reading other critiques, and more. Without paying any revenue to such a program, it acts as a complete bundle for authors, encompassing all aspects of your writing experience.

What we like: Fulfill the needs of all sorts of writers

Best for: Writers who need assistance

Benefits & Features:

  • Provides resources to support authors in promoting their books
  • Free tools for writers
  • runs no-cost writing workshops.

10. TheProse

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10 Best Websites for Authors 10

Prose serves among the best websites for connecting with other authors and building a writing community. It is a significant forum for the society of authors who encourage one another while exchanging their writings and storytelling. It’s similar to an online platform for authors where you can follow author accounts, rate and react to other people’s writing, follow keywords, browse popular writing, and get a digest of different sentences.

If you enjoy other authors’ writing, you may assist them by sharing their work. In addition, you can participate in and organize entertaining writing competitions, some of which have rewards, to increase your incentive to write. Also, it features a unique bookshop filled with the works of the author network. Based on the book you want to read, you can buy it or download it for free.

What we like: Serves as an online platform for authors to get critiques

Best for: Authors

Benefits & Features:

  • Free book reading
  • Amazing writing competitions
  • Sharing your articles among other famous writers

Final Thoughts

These websites are powerful instruments to use when writing. These might not be necessary for daily use. But having these undiscovered tools in your arsenal will enable you to improve your writing. Also, if you archive the websites, you’ll always have access to them. Good luck with your writing.

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