Apply These 8 Secret Techniques To Improve Blog Post Writing

Whenever you are writing an article for your blog or website, always keep this in mind:

  • Who is the specific target audience (teenagers, investors, home bakers, online shoppers, stay at home moms, etc)?
  • Where is this article going to be used (blog post, product page, about page, review site, anywhere online, newsprint, sales brochure etc)?
  • What ‘voice’ should I use (casual, formal, technical, conversational, etc)?
  • How much time or how many words do I have to deliver the whole message?
  • Paragraph formation : One should know when to change the para and when not to.
  • Sentence formation: One should not shuffle with tense and person view much.
  • Word : One should always spell check and also make sure that they don’t shuffle between american and british spellings.


Try the TALK method

Think before you write, put our thoughts together in a coherent way.Apply knowledge of grammar, sentence structure, and good clear writing. Link your thoughts  with transitions.

Points That One Should Keep in Mind While Writing an Article

  1. Know All About the Target Product/Service
  2. Know Your Target Audience
  3. Read Other Articles of Similar Kind and Analyze
  4. Try to Keep the Article Content in Line with the Title
  5. Always Have Keyword Based Articles
  6. Always Have an Introduction and Conclusion Paragraph
  7. Format Your Article Perfectly
  8. Proof Read Your Article for Punctuation/Grammar/Spellings



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