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Through Inforgaphic you can visually understand of any topic instead to read of article or blog. Presentation of infographics is very simple can easily understand by peoples. In infographics you can present a portfolio of your company and give some important information of your company.

Do note that we will review the submitted material and may alter some or all of the meta-information submitted as we see fit in order to create the best possible experience for our visitors, while reserving the right not to publish it at all. Moreover, by submitting your infographic, you agree in publishing any content submitted, in this or other sites or mediums.

Please follow these specific guidelines to ensure your submission is accepted and published.

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  • Title – The title of your infographic
  • Description – An original description that will appear above the infographic and it should be around 175 to 200 words
  • Original Source of Infographic – Provide the URL as to where the infographic was originally published so we can link back to the original source
  • Embed Code (optional) – You may also include an embed code if you would like more control over how your infographic is published (i.e. where to link back to, alt attribute text, size, etc.)


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