Please follow below guidelines before submitting any “List Blog” post at

[Blog Post Title]

Make sure the title starts with a number and runs for 60 characters or less.


Lead into the post with a short 100-200 word introduction. Be sure to highlight:

  • The reason why what you’re talking about is important.
  • Who, what industry, or what sector of the industry this applies to.
  • What you’ll be covering [i.e. “in this post, we’ll provide [#] examples of (term) and why they’re so emblematic of (term)”].

Why is [Term] Important? (Optional)

Provide your readers with a few reasons why they should care about the term or the concept you’re writing about. If this is a consumer-level concept, talk about the implications this could have on their families, finances, personal happiness, etc. If you’re writing for an audience of professionals, mention the impact this term or concept has on profit, efficiency, and/or customer satisfaction. To make the most of this section, make sure it includes at least one statistic, quote, or outside reference. 

If you feel the topic is universally understood and respected, you may not need to include this section and could benefit by going right to the list.

# Examples/Tips/Ideas/Resources for [Term]

After the quick introduction and potential explanation of the topic’s importance, there’s no more time to waste. Jump right into the list!

Each of your examples should be followed by additional copy explaining why you’re including them on your list. The explanation could be anywhere from a couple sentences (if you have a long list) to a couple paragraphs (if you have a short list). Make sure you organize your list so that each example or subcategory has its own section header.

If your list is made up of examples from real people or businesses, take the opportunity to embed evidence of the example with an image, a video, or a social media post of that example. This adds additional context as to why you’re including each example on your list and helps break up an otherwise text-heavy blog post with other types of content. 


Wrap up your amazing new blog post with a great closing. Remind your readers of the key takeaway you want them to walk away with and what everything on your list has in common or suggests to the reader. 


Last but not least, place a call-to-action at the bottom of your blog post. This should be to a lead-generating piece of content or to a sales-focused landing page for a demo or consultation.  

Checklist Before Publishing

  • Did you provide at least three examples, suggestions, or tips that directly speak to the topic you’re writing about?
  • If examples are from real companies or people, did you embed images, video, and/or a social media post of that example to strengthen your point?
  • Did you provide relevant and accurate examples and statistics to further explain this concept?
  • Did you properly cite and backlink your sources?
  • Did you spell check and proofread?
  • Are there at least 1-2 images?
  • Is the post 800-1,000 words at minimum?