About Tech Blog Corner

Tech Blog Corner began as a blog in 2013 by Rahul Setia, and has grown into one of the most credible and insightful voices at the intersection of business and technology. After 2015, Harinder Kaur joined the company as the Director to foresee the advertising and operations.

Tech Blog Corner has been the leading source of technology news and information for IT influencers worldwide. Tech Blog Corner conferences, with their focus on technologies and solutions, provide a rare opportunity for attendees to gain insight into the way user companies execute their strategies in the enterprise.

The Tech Blog Corner leverages the strength of the Tech Blog   brand to provide new and unique information resources for IT marketers to communicate with customers. Extend the value and reach of your advertising message with in-depth, content-rich vehicles in an integrated program of print, online, events and collateral material tailored to meet your objectives.