How To Get a Dedicated Server With 100% Uptime

We know how important information technology is for business enterprises.

The IT infrastructure of an enterprise roughly consists of hardware such as computers, processers, data storage devices, printers, software applications to run on the hardware and help employees complete the work, data centers, servers, network connections, etc.

Except for computers or laptops, the rest of the IT infrastructure can be hosted on a cloud platform instead of on-premises.

While enterprises decide what suits them based on various factors, one thing that is common to all enterprises is the hosting of the website on outside servers.

Most enterprises prefer to host their website on an external server.

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This ensures that even if any technical glitches arise on-premises, the website will still be running.

Also, the service providers take the responsibility of hosting the website and upgrading the servers.

It is a cost-effective way of managing the website and is suitable for all enterprises, be it a small start-up business or a global organization.

There are quite a few ways in which an enterprise can host its website on a third-party server.

-Shared Hosting

This is the most basic type of hosting and is widely used by small and medium scale enterprises. It is the cheapest hosting method and can cut the costs of initial investment for new enterprises.


As the name suggests, the enterprise will share the hosting resources with other enterprises and will pay for what they use. The server space purchased by the enterprise will belong to the business but the rest of the resources will be shared.

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-VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server hosting is the next stage after shared hosting. Enterprises usually start with shared hosting and upgrade to VPS. Enterprises will still be sharing the server space with others but it will be using a virtual server customized for its website, i.e., the main server is divided into smaller virtual servers and each enterprise uses a virtual server. It gives an enterprise some of the benefits of dedicated hosting for a lesser price.

-Cloud Hosting

This is the latest type of hosting service that is cost-effective and reliable. It gives enterprises the advantage of VPS hosting on a cloud platform.


-Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is at the top of the hosting services. As the name implies, a server is dedicated entirely to an enterprise. The resources are used only by the enterprise and not shared with any other business. While dedicated hosting is comparatively costly, it has a lot of advantages. Many large enterprises prefer to choose dedicated hosting services.

It is now easy for enterprises to get a Cheap Dedicated Server. The growing competition has made it possible for enterprises to choose a service provider who offers more benefits for a lesser price. If an enterprise is planning to upgrade to a dedicated server, the following points will help in making the right decision.

  • A dedicated server gives enterprises full technical control over the hosting server settings. The software, configurations, and other settings can be customized according to the requirements of the business.
  • Since enterprises will not be sharing the resources, they get the full benefit of the speed, even during peak traffic hours. The speed of the website will go down as the traffic increases.
  • The uptime and downtime rates are extremely high as only the enterprise uses the server. This results in increased efficiency and higher traffic. The traffic for other websites will not affect the performance of this website.
  • Dedicated hosting provides a higher level of security. Enterprises that want to safeguard their information use dedicated servers. It is suitable for e-commerce websites where confidential user information is shared to make payments.
  • As the business expands and the website is gathering more traffic, the dedicated server will prevent the website from crashing. Any website that has more than 100,000 monthly hits should upgrade to a dedicated host.
  • A dedicated server can be managed by the service provider of the enterprise. While enterprises can manage the server on their own, they also have to take responsibility for maintaining, monitoring, and upgrading it. With a third-party service provider, enterprises can focus on the business instead.
  • With a third-party service provider, enterprises can be assured that the dedicated server will be monitored 24*7 by the technical team of the service provider.
  • Dedicated hosting is reliable and accessible. Enterprises can ask for specific software upgrades to the server for better performance. The services are highly scalable.
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Enterprises can now get a Cheap Dedicated Server with various server options. Many companies provide customized services based on the requirements of the enterprise.

The companies also provide additional services such as free DDOS protection, a robust control panel, different kinds of servers, and multiple price packages.

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