Connect Youtube Account with Google Adsense to Earn Money


In this quick tutorial, You will learn how to connect YouTube Account with Google Adsense to Earn Money by monetizing your blog or website.Step by step process to link your YouTube account with Adsense account to make money by displaying adsense ads in your Youtube uploaded videos.
YouTube is the 3rd Largest search engine in world where people come & search to find the solution of their problems by watching many videos to enhance their knowledge & skills. Youtube is biggest part of google adwords ad network. You can also connect your adwords account to your YouTube account to run ads from your YouTube channel to other niche channel, depending upon your marketing agendas.
So coming to the point here step by step guide, which helps to you to guide how you can connect your YouTube account or channel with your approved google adsense account.


  1. Go to the Monetization page. Get there by clicking your icon in the top right > Creator Studio.

2. Now you will redirected to your Youtube channel setting page, where you can see on the left side “channels”. please select this option. then in drop down menu you will see “status & features” options.

3. If you are Eligible by YouTube to monetize your videos then select enable option.
4. After selecting this option you will be asked to choose the ads from which you want to earn money by showing them on your YouTube videos.
5. After completing these steps you will see green dollar symbol in front of your videos. Which means, these videos are now eligible for monetization.
To understand the above steps better, we have created a small video for you to understand How you can add your adsense account to your YouTube account.