AI assurance in telecoms

Why you should be Automating Network Management with AI

As an area of innovation encompassing emerging technologies including deep learning, natural language processing, and computer vision, AI has the power to revolutionize a huge array of areas, from finance and computing to customer service. But have you considered the possibility of automating your network management tasks with AI-powered assurance?

AI assurance in telecoms

This service allows you to resolve important issues in your network automatically, meaning less time spent on routine tasks and more time using IT resources where they matter most.

What is AI assurance in telecoms?

When you think of quality assurance, what usually comes to mind? The usual picture for many people is rows of employees with an expert-level understanding of how the product or service being produced works all ensuring that it is functioning to a high standard.

But with the introduction of AI systems and technologies, we don’t need dedicated employees to perform these tasks for us. Instead, you can put AI to work and have it monitor your network so that problems and anomalies can be resolved without your team even needing to be aware.

Thinking in terms of the context of telecoms specifically, the time when every network could have employees individually check through a network for issues relating to process and technical standards with any degree of efficiency has long since passed.

This is because networks have become so much more complex in recent years, to the point where the need for real-time analysis has put an enormous amount of pressure on telecom network and service assurance systems.

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To manage the multitude of situations that can crop up within these endlessly complex networks, you need an intelligent system that functions as effectively as a high-level team of numerous networking experts. This is where the benefits of AI assurance come into play for both efficiency and quality management.

If your network is too complex for IT experts to effectively monitor, then AI assurance is likely to help.

Benefits of automating network management with artificial intelligence assurance

There are a wide variety of advantages you can expect to see when you implement an artificial intelligence assurance service, including (but not limited to):

Identifying problems before they occur

Through predictive maintenance, automated anomaly detection allows for root cause analysis that can help prevent downtime by identifying situations before they have a chance to manifest into system errors.

This results in a significantly decreased mean time to repair (MTTR), which means that the end user stays online while employees are able to work on other projects. This is especially important for telecom companies with significant economic activity for whom an hour of downtime means a huge amount of lost revenue.

Detecting and fixing problems as they arise

In addition to identifying and fixing problems before they arise, your AI IT service desk can resolve problems that have managed to sneak past earlier detection, saving time from employees who can focus on more creative, innovative work.

Similarly, another benefit of assurance products based on AI and machine learning systems is the ability to produce forecasts that can predict any problems that may arise, allowing you to understand whether systems may be vulnerable in the future.

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Knowledge management and accumulation

By accumulating knowledge of your network, AI assurance-based systems can become increasingly efficient and finding and resolving issues based on your unique network requirements and demands.

These knowledge-based systems will also take into account any employee requests or actions previously made and remember them for the resolution of tasks in the future.

Decreasing overall business costs

AI assurance services enable people in telecoms to save money on other costs associated with the maintenance of their network.

You’ll also be able to redirect resources like IT experts back into the areas that really count, rather than having them spend their time on mundane tasks that an AI can handle in an instant.

Future-proofing your network

It’s important for any kind of business to look ahead, but especially any involved in telecommunications, where huge technological leaps are made on a regular basis.

By using AI assurance, you can ensure that your network can be optimised for emerging technologies like 5G that are already being widely adopted.

Get started with our AI Control Desk today

AI systems can be used effectively by any telecommunications company for the assurance of their complex networks – any telecommunications company looking to streamline their network maintenance and invest intelligently should consider utilising an AI assurance service.

As a dedicated element of our Intelligent Service Desk, our AI control desk is an ideal solution for any telecoms companies looking to revitalize their network management and save on maintenance costs in the process.

It also works in conjunction with features such as real-time network inventory management, SLA monitoring, and customer experience management that are also part of the service, so that different elements of network management can all be efficiently integrated.

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