5G private network

What is 5G private network?

Technology changes rapidly so do telecommunication. Network operators needed to develop new solutions and rebuild the core infrastructure to meet customers’ ever-growing needs. A great example of innovation is creating a 5G private network. What is it? How a private mobile network can benefit your business? Check it out!

5G private network

What is Private 5G Network?

Private 5G is a nonpublic mobile network, which as well as a public 5G network, replaces or augments 4G LTE networks. 5G  is the newest generation of private cellular network technology, which introduces new possibilities for businesses. A private 5G network has an advantage over a public network as it is more reliable and offers low latency. A private 5G and public network differ also in the possibility to reconfigure by the operator. It is possible only with private networks which can be especially useful when used in industrial applications. 

Depending on how powerful is the radio transmitter, the private 5G network can cover from a few hundred ft² to even a few km². The chosen range depends mostly on the users’ needs. 

Types of 5G Private Network

The private 5G networks can differ depending on their architecture, deployment, and operation. The models are divided into:

Fully private

The fully private network is owned and operated by the organization. The whole infrastructure, equipment, and private clouds belong to the organization. This type of 5G network is said to be the safest, as it can be completely isolated from the public 5G and 4G LTE networks.

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Hybrid private

This model depends on cloud 5G networks. A business can have its own or leased equipment and be using a private or public cloud service to be able to host parts of the network.

Private shared

This type is based on network slicing technology, which means that multiple virtual networks are created in one physical 5G network. This comprises various control and user plane functions, which give as many partitions of a public network to the operator as he wants.

5G Private Cellular Network – Why is it Beneficial for Businesses?

Private 5G networks are more and more popular among huge enterprises and small companies. Why is it so? Why do so many organizations use this solution already or plan to implement it in the future?

Lower latency

The 5G public networks which are available via MNO give the same access rights to every user. This means, that some business-critical operations can fail. As for the private 5G use cases, the user has priority access. The private 5G network also gives the possibility to reconfigure access to set levels of priority to certain network activities. Private networks vastly reduce latency, so businesses can secure reliable connectivity.


In opposition to the public network, the 5G private network allows partial or complete isolation of the devices of the end user from MNOs’ public networks. This limits exposure to sensitive data, such as public network which protects all sensitive data from unauthorized access. 


The 5G capabilities are still growing. Even now you can see innovative solutions like AI-powered management of the 5G network. In time, the 5G services will become even more tailored to the customers’ needs.

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How can you Implement 5G Network Solutions?

If you want to implement 5G telecom solutions, you need a reliable and experienced partner. With Comarch, your business will be provided a powerful 5G private network. Get ready for the future and check out the innovative solutions offered by private 5G network providers empowered by artificial intelligence in 5G technology! Artificial intelligence and 5G will make your business ready for new challenges. 


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