Best At-Home Streaming Setup

How to Create Best At-Home Streaming Setup In 2023

Gone are the days of driving to cinemas to watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster hit or your favorite movie franchise like The Avengers or Spider-Man. At-home streaming has become the norm as platforms like Netflix and Hulu provide countless options for personal viewing and family movie nights.

The popularity of the streaming industry has resulted in several new technologies entering the space, and streaming setups that were considered advanced five years ago have fallen considerably down the ladder. Because of this, we’re going to look at the best at-home streaming setup in 2023.

Best At-Home Streaming Setup
How to Create Best At-Home Streaming Setup In 2023 6

Creating The Optimal Streaming Setup

1. The More Subscriptions You Have, The Better

Dozens of new technologies have entered the streaming industry, but there’s also a wave of new competitors. Netflix no longer rules the streaming business as many people have switched to services like Amazon Prime and HBO.

In part, Netflix’s demise has been because of rising prices, but it’s also because platforms like HBO and Apple TV have created shows like Euphoria and Ted Lasso that have pushed people to join these services just to watch them. Interestingly, both of these shows are internet viral sensations, showcasing how certain streaming platforms are gaining momentum over others.

Likewise, the popularity of reality shows like Love Island, which began in the United Kingdom but quickly started receiving international attention, has resulted in several adaptations worldwide that are available on different platforms. For example, Love Island UK is available on Hulu and Paramount+, but Love Island Italia is available on Discovery+. If you want to watch all of these shows, from Euphoria to Love Island Italia, you need to have multiple subscriptions to keep your best at-home streaming setup modern and relevant.

How to Create Best At-Home Streaming Setup In 2023 1

2. Use Wireless Access Points

Speaking of new technologies, your at-home streaming setup doesn’t have to be constrained to your living room anymore. Because of technologies like wireless access points, you’re able to watch movies and TV shows sitting outside in your backyard. A wireless access point is different from a wireless router, and it gives a broader transmission range (up to about 100-300 meters) compared to a wireless router’s transmission range of around a dozen meters. Additionally, wireless access points can also support between 50 to 100 users, while a wireless router can only support 10-20.

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3. Buy Wireless Home Theatre Headphones

What do you do if you want to watch a movie on the big screen, but your family members don’t? The answer isn’t to kick them out of the room but use wireless home theatre headphones. These headphones are the perfect compromise, and many products add to the viewing experience by offering stereo sound. Many also offer long battery life and soft earmuffs, so even when you’re watching a three-hour movie, you’re still comfortable.

Creating an advanced at-home streaming setup means making sure everything is up-to-date and relevant. That includes buying the latest technologies like wireless headphones and wireless access points but also joining more subscriptions, so you get to watch the world’s most popular shows.


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