Session Recording for Beginners

The Complete Guide to Session Recording for Beginners

A while ago, people created websites as an afterthought, neglecting to
realize their importance in generating interest in the business and boosting
sales. Now, every company has a functional site offering visitors the chance
to know more about them and make a sound buying decision.

However, tracking user behavior to understand if the site is performing better than the competitors is vital, as it can mean the difference between tremendous success and barely breaking even.

Session Recording for Beginners

Thankfully, you can record user session on website to know how and if your efforts are paying off, gaining actionable data that can influence future marketing campaigns.

You can replay these sessions to know which areas or pages need better content and find what makes the site tick with users. The following points elaborate on the critical aspects of this technique and how they can help your business grow.

About the process

Session recording is a process whereby the actions performed by one or
more users on a computer system are saved in a log file and consequently
non-destructively stored elsewhere.

It records everything from mouse clicks and scrolling to keyboard strokes, enabling you to see how users navigate sites. The recorded session can then be replayed to assess user behavior, understand cause and effect, or in cases where human intervention may be required.

The tool can help pinpoint the exact places they hesitate, the ones they stay
on the longest, and the ones they abandon the quickest. This data enables
you to improve content and user interface so that the areas that need
improvement are addressed.

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It is also possible for the session recording to be used as a training resource for new employees or as a way to improve current processes by highlighting areas for improvement.

Why it matters

There are many reasons businesses need to record user sessions regularly.
But the most imperative reason to record sessions is the growing number of internet users and their penchant for online shopping.

The task helps you compare your performance with competitors and make
the necessary improvements to stay ahead. It can also help you understand why your website isn’t performing as well as you would like it to. Suppose the user has a problem with the website design or functionality.

In that case, session recordings will allow you to isolate issues and work on solutions before they become more widespread. The recordings also provide valuable insights into how people interact with your site and whether or not their experience was positive.

This information can be used to improve future website designs by considering what worked well during testing sessions.

Features of a Good Recording Tool

You should have an excellent tool to record user session on website for as long as you want. The best tools are easy to use, provide detailed user analytics, and offer real-time updates. They also show visitor location details and the traffic source, such as social media, email links, and more.

The tool lets you analyze comprehensive data and use the insight to make
the necessary changes to take your business forward. For instance, if you
find more people visiting your website through social media instead of email, you can change email marketing strategies to make them more effective.

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Lastly, a reliable tool should provide actionable insights to every
department, from sales and marketing teams to company heads and
executives, enabling each to target their efforts better.


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